6 Things to do Before an Emergency

Are you ready for an emergency? Most of us don’t like to think about “what if’s” , but none of us are immune to emergencies. Since none of us know the future, we can’t plan for emergencies. It does us absolutely no good to worry or play the ‘what if’ game, but we can take steps that will make it easier to deal with the emergency situations when they come into our life.

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6 things to do before an emergency

6 Things to do Before an Emergency

Gather phone numbers NOW

When emergencies happen you don’t have time or mental energy to look for phone numbers and contact information. You don’t want to be hours away from home and family without a way to contact people who can communicate the needs of those involved in the emergency.

Real Life tip: Stop NOW and think of 3 people who live near you that could be at your home in less than 5 minutes. Do you have their phone number in your contact list on your phone? If not, it’s time to get out and meet your neighbors.

Make an Emergency Plan

Who would look after your children if something makes you or your spouse unable to function properly? Make sure children understand what to do in an emergency. This includes how to call 911, the neighbor’s names, and how to safely cross the street to get to a neighbor’s house. Talk about basic emergency procedures while everyone is healthy, before everything gets crazy.

Build a financial Safety Net

Ideally, the time to financially prepare for an emergency is before it happens. I understand that this is not always possible, but if you can put money in a savings account now while you are healthy, you won’t have to worry about how you will pay for your deductible and medical bills.

Real life tip: Call your insurance provider and get an idea of how much you will need to cover personal and family deductibles as well as out of pocket expenses. That way you will have a target of how much you need to put in a safety net account for emergencies.

Be prepared to accept help

Most of us don’t like to ask for help or admit that we can’t handle everything on our own. But situations where we need help often bring out the best in those around us. You may find that there is a bigger network that you imagined that love and care for you and your family. When the help is offered, be willing and ready to just say thanks.

Remember to pay it forward

Often we accept help and then feel that we need to pay everyone back for all the ways they help out in times of emergency. But most of the time there’s no need to repay the debt you may feel you owe. A simple thank you note and a hug are often the only payment needed to say thanks to friends and family who help in time of need. But don’t miss the opportunity to pay it forward and help out a neighbor or friend when it’s their turn to go through emergencies.

Don’t forget your charger

When an emergency happens your brain often doesn’t think clearly. The #1 thing you don’t want to lose in an emergency is the connection to family and friends. Make sure you grab a phone charger as you are heading out the door so you can stay informed of the situation as it unfolds.

What are other things you need to do to make sure you are ready for emergencies? Let’s hope for the best, but be prepared for the unexpected curves life sometimes throws.

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