6 Things To Do in the New Year!

Most of us have New Year’s resolutions for the new year. But in fact, now that we are actually into the New Year, some of us have probably already abandoned those well-intentioned goals and changes. But there are 6 things that each of us should do in this new year. These are not faddish diets or huge weight loss goals. These 6 life hacks don’t even involve money or an impact on our wallet. They are simple tweaks that can impact our lives and make 2020 a little better than 2019.

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6 Things To Do in the New Year

Drink Water:

This seems like such a small thing, but if we would each replace at least one soda or sugary drink with a glass of water, we would all reap the benefits. One glass of water can be the kick start to helping us remember to eat healthier or make better choices in other aspects of our life. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, then add a slice of lemon, lime or orange to give it a little boost.

Discard 2 things each week:

Cleaning and de-cluttering the house is on many people’s list of things to do, but it can frankly be very overwhelming. Instead of trying to do a major clean sweep, just concentrate on the power of 2. Maybe you can donate 2 t-shirts or coffee mugs to the thrift store. Do you have old plastic bowls that no longer have lids that fit? Why not toss them out? If we get rid of 2 things each week, then we will start to live a simpler life by the end of the year.

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Click unsubscribe instead of delete:

I have started a new habit with my email inbox. When I get messages from stores or sites that I no longer have an interest in, I take 2 seconds and click the unsubscribe button. I don’t need to see that a store is having a 10% discount or $10 off $50 sale every single week. It only takes seconds to help my inbox fill up with less junk.

Put things away today:

Most of us have a clothes pile in the corner of our bedroom. We change sweaters, pants or discard scarves in a pile because it just seems like too much work to hang them up. Instead of letting that pile build-up, why not make it a new habit to hang up the clothes the minute you are done with them? If they are dirty, drop them in a laundry basket immediately? It may seem like more work, but in the long run, you will begin to appreciate the clean corner!

Start a load of laundry each morning:

With a family of 5, we have lots of laundry. I have found that if I start a load first thing in the morning, then I will be better able to stay ahead of the kids dirty clothes. Find a routine that works for you but don’t let the laundry accumulate. Get it done as it gets dirty so you won’t end up with that dreaded laundry monster!

Don’t stock up on sweets:

If you are like me, I will eat what is in my cabinets. If I buy sweet snacks or treats for ‘later’, I end up eating them now. You don’t have to plan a huge diet makeover, but we do have to make sure we don’t stock up on things we don’t want to eat.

What are some small tweaks that you are working on this New Year? I’d love to hear how you are planning to simplify your life in 2020!

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