5 Ways To Redecorate by Yard Sale Hopping

It’s summertime. That means yard sales are everywhere. Wander around your neighborhood to find some cheap treasures to spruce up your home. A friend of mine is always finding odds and ends to brighten her home. Every time I pay her a visit and compliment something new in her home, she often replies, “Oh that? I got it super cheap at a yard sale somewhere.”

It is possible to transform any room in your home into something new with just a few odds and ends. Here, I present you with a few ideas to help you when yard sale hopping.

Redecorate by Yardsale Hopping


If you’re looking to give a specific room a new glow, try searching for an old lamp. Even if you find a single lampshade with no base, give it a shot. It’s probably only a dollar or two, and you’ve been searching for a change, so why not start small?

Wall Art

You can change any room by adding some wall decorations, and almost every yard sale has a wide array to choose from. Whether it’s a few framed pictures or special wall decals that can be found at your local home improvement store, wall art will give any room a personal touch. It may be a hand-me-down, but you chose to purchase it, so the image says something about you.


Every now and then, if you’re lucky, you may come across a cheap set of unused curtains. Maybe the homeowner bought them for a specific room, but it turned out the dimensions were wrong or the color scheme was off. You can change the look of any room in your house just by adding a new set of curtains. Go from plain to patterned, or patterned to plain, and see what a difference your choice of fabric makes to the room.


Another way to change the appearance of your dining room or kitchen is to simply drape a tablecloth over your dining table. Tablecloths are not difficult to come by when you’re yard sale hopping, and like everything else, they can be very reasonably priced.


I’m a sucker for candles, and you better believe if I go to a yard sale and just happen to come across one, it will most certainly end up somewhere in my home. Candles really do make great additions to any room, and you can usually find them in colors and scents to match the themes of rooms in your house. Just be sure that if you do find one at a yard sale, that it’s not distorted from sitting out in the sun, and if you buy it, make sure it doesn’t stay in your car long enough to melt and leak wax all over the carpet of your car.

Yard saling is one of the best ways to discover treasures that can transform any room in your house. It’s places like these where you’ll see items that just might be exactly what you’re looking for at the best prices you’ll ever find. So the next time you spot a yard sale while on a Saturday morning drive this summer, don’t hesitate to stop and hunt for unbeatable bargains to help you redecorate your home.

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  1. My favorite thrifting upcycle is lamps. I love the find and old lamp and maybe spray and different color and add and update shade.

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