5 Tips for Healthy Travel Adventures

I love going out on adventures, hiking to a new waterfall or exploring a city on foot. Our family has had the opportunity to experience some amazing adventures and I love sharing the pictures and tips for these travels. But sometimes we spend so much time talking about the actual trips that we forget about the basic tips for healthy travel adventures.

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5 Tips for Healthy Travel Adventures

Going on adventures is an amazing experience but can be hard on your body. Think about your lifestyle. Some people spend most of their regular life sitting behind a desk or working on a computer. Then they go on vacations and walk 10 miles at an amusement park in the hot sun and wonder why they are so tired and muscles so sore. Their body is just not used to the schedule they keep when they are on vacation. The good thing is that there are steps to take before vacation and on your travel adventures to help you have a healthy experience!

Drink More Water

When you are at home living your regular schedule, you probably know to drink water. But when you get out on the road or spend more time in the sun, you get busy and forget to increase your water intake. Keep a water bottle with you and drink when you are thirsty, then drink even more! You want to stay hydrated!

Make your sleep count

When we take intense road trips, we don’t always have time to rest alot. But we do try to make sure that everyone has a good place to sleep everynight. We may have to pay a little more for hotels, but we don’t skimp on our lodging. Each member of the family needs to know that they can get a restful nights sleep each night of the vacation.

Snack Smart

It’s easy to eat lots of junk when you spend more time than normal in the vehicle driving. So plan ahead and take some smart snacks: Trail mix, fruit, granola bars and some sweet candy. Don’t deprive yourself of ice cream for dessert on a hot summer night after spending the day at the beach, but remember to balance it out the next day with some extra servings of fruits and vegetables.

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Take care of your feet

Our feet work hard for us every day. When we are traveling and exploring new cities, they work even harder. I remember in the early days of our traveling, that I would wear cheap flip flops all day and then wonder why my body was aching and my feet hurt. Then I started being aware of the shoes I was wearing. After a long day of walking, it’s smart to give your feet time to recover in the evening with a pair of Oofos shoes.

Several years ago, I discovered Oofos slides . Since that time, our family has purchased the slides and sandals many times. OOFOS are a great way to help our feet get relief and recover after a hard day of adventure.

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When you are traveling, it’s important to have a great time, take lots of pictures and make memories with your family, but don’t forget to take care of yourself and make sure you are healthy enough to enjoy each new day of adventure!

What are some ways you plan for healthy travel adventures? I’d love to hear!

Looking forward to your next city tour? Take a look at these tips!

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