5 Tips for Fall Decorating

It’s time to decorate the house and yard for Fall! That means pumpkins, scarecrows and lots of fall flowers. I love the changing of the seasons when the weather cools down and the leaves start to turn beautiful colors. I pulled out my Fall box of decorations, added in some new pieces from last year’s clearance sales and started setting the stage for fall decorating!


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5 Tips for Fall Decorating

Some people go all out and decorate every single nook and cranny for each season. I prefer the ‘less is more’ approach. I love to have a hint of the season in my house and on my porch, but I don’t want to spend days or tons of money decorating for Fall.

If you love to decorate your house but are looking for some simple tips for seasonal decorations, this is the checklist for you!

Don’t overdo:

Remember that whatever you put up for seasonal decorations must come down in just a few weeks. Let it be as simple as you want to decorate. Do what works for you and don’t feel the need to be too elaborate. There are some people who will totally transform their house and yard for each season. If that is your personality, then enjoy. But don’t feel the pressure to outdo your neighbors in seasonal decorations

Buy on Sale:

Many of the box stores and dollar stores already have their seasonal decorations on sale. Shop the clearance racks, closeout pages or wait till after the season so you don’t have to pay full price. You can always purchase some seasonal decorations after the season so you will be ready for next year.

Have a place for storage:

Splurge on a box or tote for each season. Label it clearly so you will know where your seasonal decorations are stored. My fall decorations fit in one Rubbermaid Totes that is clearly marked Fall/Halloween Decorations. I know some people go all out and turn their entire home into a showcase of fall color, but that is too much work for me. I prefer to limit my seasonal decorations to what will fit in the tote box.

Get the kids involved:

When it comes to decorations, some people feel the need to aim for perfection. They want the pumpkins decorated just right and the bows to hang perfectly on the porch wreath. But if you have kids, this is a great time to get them involved. Let the kids paint the pumpkins or carve the simple triangles in the jack-o-lanterns. There will be other years when the kids are grown where you can create elaborate more professional looking displays. Create silly creatures with acorns, nuts and leaves. Hang up their paper Halloween crafts and display them in a place of honor on the refrigerator.

If you have a staircase leading to a basement fun room, let the kids tape their crafts on the wall. This makes for a great place to showcase their seasonal decorations.

Use fruit and nuts:

This is a great time of year to buy apples and oranges because the colors fit the season so perfectly. Added bonus: if you have the fruits displayed on the table, your family may end up snacking on them as well!

A new flag in the garden by the porch, some pumpkins, and mums on the porch and a few yard ornaments out in my flower garden are just about the perfect mix of fun and classic fall decorations for my home. I want to bring in some colors of fall without turning my house into a clutter zone.

Bonus Ideas: Gnome for all Seasons

Recently I received a really cool seasonal decorative Gnome for all seasons from Oriental Trading.. This little gnome comes with a hat for each season. What a fun way to celebrate the seasons without taking up alot of storage room.


I leave the gnome out on my porch and just change the hats depending on which season we’re celebrating.

gnome for all seasons 2

Have you got your house ready for Fall? I’d love to see pictures of how you decorate your porch and home to welcome the changing of the seasons!

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