5 Tips for a Fall Picnic


Many people think that the perfect day for a picnic is the middle of summer, but have you thought about how nice it is to have a picnic when the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to show off their fall color? Fall is a great time for a family picnic but there are a few things you should think about when planning your next event. Recently, we got together with some of our family and had a great day outside flying kites, roasting hotdogs, and exploring the farm. Here are some must-have things to remember when planning your next fall picnic.

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5 Tips for a fall picnic

Plan for Easy Fun

In my opinion, picnics should not have an agenda. At our recent family get-together at the farm, we didn’t consult our watches or follow a schedule. Picnic days should have that easy, relaxed vibe where everyone can just settle back and rest. Fly a kite. Play fetch with your dog. Explore the hayloft or just sit back and chat. Have a few things available but then let the day just unfold.

Pack a Tablecloth

Every picnic table needs a tablecloth but you don’t have to be fancy. My mom has a tablecloth that has been at every family picnic for the past 20 years. I have a favorite that I made several years ago. You can even tie-dye an old sheet and create something special. Tablecloths are a great way to bring family tradition to each picnic while also doing their job to keep your food surface clean.

Natalie and I made this tie-dye picnic tablecloth using a Tulip Tie-Dye kit and are excited to get it out for our next family picnic.

Offer the Right Food Options

Some picnics are best suited for full grilling, salad, and specialty desserts but other times its the perfect thing to roast hot dogs over an open fire, fix s’mores and make hot chocolate from the back of the truck with a Coleman camp stove.

Do what works for you and keep it relaxed and easy.

Bring the Chairs & the Entertainment

Have everyone bring their favorite bag chair to finish off the day so you can sit around and talk while you watch the sunset. If someone in the family plays the guitar, encourage them to bring it for music and entertainment.

We always love when Natalie Renee brings the praise and music to our family gatherings.

Dream about Design

Someday our farm will have running water, electricity, and outdoor spaces with established places for entertaining so I love reading books that inspire me to plan the perfect outdoor space like this Field Guide to Outside Style. But for now, I’m enjoying the laid back vibe of our farm for entertaining, fall picnics, and family fun.

You can make your outdoor space as comfortable and personal as the inside of your home with design and planting guidance from Field Guide to Outside Style.  Author and outdoor living pro Ryan McEnaney can help make it happen by meeting you where you are. Maybe your outdoor space is overgrown and old-fashioned, and you want it to blend perfectly with your sense of style and your life. But where should you start?

Ryan and the Field Guide to Outside Style leads the way. You’ll learn to personalize your outdoor living space with the right plants, furnishings, and other design elements to create a space that reflects YOU perfectly.  

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Do you love fall picnics? Got a favorite memory or picture to share? I’d love to hear!

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