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5 Things to Make out of Cardboard


Are your kids back in school like mine are? That means that when they get home in the afternoon, they are tired and their brains are full. That means they need something super easy and fun to do to help them relax. Don’t go high tech with after school entertaining ideas; just raid the recycle bin and use cardboard to create some fun.

5 Things to Make out of Cardboard

What will you create with a cardboard box?

Click here to read more ideas for using cardboard to create fun!

Don’t forget to check out the Log Cabin Tutorial!

Last year my Mom and Dad took my kids on a whole new adventure. They showed them how to build a log cabin out of carpet tubes. Real life Lincoln Logs! Talk about a cool weekend with Grandparents! Read all about where to find these tubes and tips for building your own log cabin out of carpet tubes.

carpet tubes cabin

What is your favorite cardboard project? I’d love to hear!

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