5 Things Every Teenager Should Carry

When we send our teenagers out on school functions, bus trips, outings with friends or the latest showing at a movie, we want to know they are prepared for whatever life throws at them. We can’t always be with them but we can help them be ready for potential emergencies, unplanned delays or surprises. Here are 5 things we make sure our teens always carry when they go out of the house.

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5 Things Every Teenager Should Carry


Everyone should keep a flashlight in their pocket, backpack or purse so you can be ready for unexpected lights out. Sure, our phones provide light but not a directed beam that will let you find an exit if you are in a movie theater if the lights go out or you need to find your bag under a bus seat on a late night school trip.

We received this My Charge Lantern Power Bank that also has power to charge phones. By using a device like this, there is only one extra thing to keep up with. Prop it up and use it as a light to read your latest book or lay it down flat so it will illuminate a room if the lights go out.

There is even a feature that will put the lights in strobe mode so you can signal for help in an emergency.


We delayed giving our kids phones till they were in middle school but now that they are going on school activities and out away from us more it is so helpful to be able to connect no matter where they are. It gives us all a measure of security to be able to contact them when they are away.

Phone Charger

Most teens have their own mobile phone so they can stay connected with family and friends. We love being able to contact our teens and keep a virtual eye on where they are when they are out on school trips or sports activities. But phones don’t stay charged long and it’s hard to find a wall charger. Each of our kids have their own phone charger that they keep with them every day.

There are some really cool chargers available that provide power for every situation. We recently received a My Charge solar charger that can be charged with a wall plug or laid out in the sun and charge from the power of the sun. This is perfect for the teen who spends time outside – whether at a soccer field or on camping adventures. Simply unfold the panels and let it absorb the rays to give power to your phone or tablets.


Everyone needs to keep a few small bills in their pocket or backpack to buy a drink at a gas station or pay for random items that may come up.


It’s a simple thing to throw a snack bar and bottle of water in each person’s back pack so they will have something to eat or drink in case they need it. Sure, most of the time they will stop at a restaurant or convenience store, but this way they’ll be prepared just in case.


As the weather starts to turn a little cooler, I always insist that each of the kids take a jacket or sweater even if the day starts out warm. You just never know when the temperature will drop if they are getting home late at night.

Do you and your teens talk about being prepared with basic things when they go out on adventures? What else do you think is important? I’d love to hear!

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