5 Things Every Tech Traveler Needs

I love to travel and go exploring but I can’t always unplug from my computer when I travel. Sometimes it’s necessary to work while I’m on the road and stay connected to my job and social media. Keeping charged and protecting my gear are two things that are always on the top of my mind. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite things every tech traveler needs.

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5 Things every tech traveler needs

5 Things Every Tech Traveler Needs

Portable Charger

One of the most common problems people have when traveling is having the electronics battery die and not being close to an electrical outlet. It’s important to keep a portable charger that will work for your devices. I recently received the MyCharge Portable Power Outlet that is strong enough to charge my Mac! This is the first portable charger I’ve seen that will give me a backup charger for my laptop computer.

The Portable Power Outlet is our largest charging hub and inverter with the highest power output. Designed to replace the heavy and bulky generators used when tailgating or camping, the Portable Power Outlet is a streamlined power source that can run a 34-inch LED television for up to four hours. The Portable Power Outlet has a maximum power output of 65 watts, enough to power a laptop.

  • Check the specs on your laptop to make sure this charger will work for you. *I have a Macbook Pro 13 inch and this charger works perfect!
  • The charger weighs about 2 pounds and measures 5″x6″ so it is small enough to easily fit in your laptop bag.
  • There are multiple versions of the My Charge portable charger, so when you order it, make sure you check which one you need for your device.

I love the fact that I can now use my computer on the go without worrying about running out of battery life!

MyCharge Portable Charger

Computer & Phone Case

The first thing I did when I started using my laptop and phone was buy a simple cover to help give these devices protection. We have used Otterbox Defender phone cases for many years and to this day have not had any of our devices break.

Laptop Bag

When I first started traveling with my laptop and gear, I thought I should use a traditional briefcase type laptop bag. But after traveling in the past few years, I have decided that a backpack is the way to go for me. I love this laptop backpack that protects my computer and is comfortable to carry.

Cord Organizer

Sure, you can put your cords in a plastic baggie, but they often get tangled and twisted. For Christmas, a friend of mine got me a zip cord organizer and I have found it to be super simple and convenient for keeping all the chargers, cords and earphones organized and accessible.


When you are traveling and need to take a call, you must have earphones. Nobody wants to hear your conversation while you are sitting in the car or at the airport. So do everyone around you a favor and keep private conversations private!

What do you use to stay connected when you travel? Got any tips? I’d love to hear!

Looking for a simple way to help keep connected in emergencies?

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