5 Rules for Archery Safety

Last year we received a bow and arrow set for the kids and I to learn on.  I am loving the fact that the kids can learn a new skill in our back yard and have fun at the same time.  None of us qualify as the next Legolas (Lord of the Rings) or Robin Hood, but we’re working on it and we do hit the target a few more times each time we get it out to practice. But just because the bow and arrow set doesn’t involve bullets or sharp knives, it is still a weapon and there are some basic rules for Archery safety that we all follow.

5 Rules for Archery Safety

rules for archery safety
    1. Always stay behind the shooter.  This includes all people and animals too. We never shoot the bow unless the dog is in the house and the spectators are well behind the shooter.
    2. Keep your target a safe distance from backyard objects. You can use an official target like these styrofoam targets available at most local stores or on Amazon or just use straw bales and a piece of paper. But make sure that it is well away from any backyard objects that would cause a problem. Beginning archers are not going to hit the target every time. They will often go past the target or ricochet off a garage wall or outbuilding.
    3. archery target
    4. Never put an arrow in the bow until you are ready to shoot.  Once you have the arrow in the bow, it is a live weapon and could spring off and hit someone. Always check your surroundings before loading the arrow and keep it facing toward the safe zone where your target is.
    5. arrow in bow
    6. Remember that arrows are weapons. Though they look like plastic sticks, the arrows are real weapons and can cause damage if used improperly. When pulling them out of the target or moving back and forth across your range, always keep the sharp point facing down. Never run or play with the arrows.

    Click here for more rules for archery safety.

    Shooting a bow and arrow is a fun sport but it does require these definite safety rules. Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? Can you hit your target? I’d love to hear your best tips or stories!

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