5 Questions to Help Pick the Perfect Toy

We’re only a few months till Christmas and parents everywhere are already thinking about the best presents for the children in their life. After all, even Santa needs a little help sometimes! Before you start planning your Christmas lists, take a look at these 5 questions to help pick the perfect toys. Plus, I’ve got some great new toys to help spark imagination and adventure for kids of all ages!

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5 Questions to Help Pick the Perfect Toy

Is the toy age-appropriate? Young children who put things in their mouths don’t need toys with small parts. But children who are in elementary school may not want toys that feel too young. Think about their age and consider

Does the toy fit the child’s environment? If a child lives in an apartment or has a very small backyard, they may not be able to play with a foam slingshot; instead, they need something that fits a smaller area.

Are there small parts or batteries required? Some games and toys come with small parts that are not suitable for young children. Other families have a limit on how many toys the children can have that require batteries. Think about the parts required and pick a toy that fits the family.

Is the price right? There are some toys that seem absolutely perfect for a child but when you consider the price tag you know that this is not the best fit. Sure, the child may think the toy is a great idea but it doesn’t fit the budget.

What is the child’s personality? Some kids love to create; others are passionate about animals; some enjoy getting messy while others love to help in the kitchen. Think about the child’s personality and look for a toy that appeals to them.

Check Out These Toys!

Pop Pops Petz and Pop Pops Snotz – combines the irresistible urge to pop bubble wrap with the fascination of slime and the hunt for hidden collectibles. 

Foodie Surprise Food Carts – bringing the world of magical food creations and the love of food carts to life!

Luvi Pups – an adorable puppy that you can squeeze, tug and collect. 

King of the Ring – Can you be the last sumo standing in YULU’s newest game?

Fish for Fish – When playing Fish for Fish, you are survival campers and the lake is your only source of food. Everybody is starving, so there’s no time to waste. Assemble your fishing spears as fast as you can and reel in as many fish as you can.

Klikbot – stop-motion animation figure that is fully articulated and has interchangeable pieces, allowing you to expand your creations. 

Stikbots – Create, animate and share with the Stikbot Studio Pro one set that includes the tripod, Stikbots, 1 and the green/blue screen.

Here is our very basic beginning stop animation video that my son and I created this past weekend.

Zax Axe– bringing the ax-throwing trend to home! 

Check out my Instagram stories highlights to see these toys in action!

Toy Ideas on Instagram

HyperStrike – For teens, Zing’s latest bow and arrow that launches with distances up to 250 ft.

Playmobil Chemistry Class – Experiment with solids, liquids, and gases in Chemistry class! Use the Bunsen burner to examine different chemical reactions. The chart on the wall will help guide students with their experiments.

What new toys are on your child’s wishlist? What questions help guide you when you are picking the perfect toy for the holiday season?

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