5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Adult Kids

When kids are little, it is fairly easy to shop for the holidays. We know what toys or animals they love, and we find something that will light up their eyes and give them something new to explore. But how do you shop for your kids when they are in college or living on their own? How do you balance the practical side of being ‘grown up‘ with the desire to do fun stuff for your adult kids? If you are in this boat with me, then take a minute and ask these five questions before you start shopping.

And of course, I have some fun gift ideas that might just help you find just the perfect item to put under the Christmas tree.

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5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Adult Kids

Whether you have a new college student or an adult child who has been living on their own for several years, as parents you still want to have fun surprises under the tree. I’m not an expert at gift-giving, but I do have a few hints that help me in the shopping process.

What is the return policy?

We can have all the best intentions in the world, but sometimes the gift just doesn’t work. Maybe the size is not right or the color is off. Sometimes it just has to be returned. Before you make a purchase, check the return policy to ensure a seamless process.

Don’t forget to factor in the time it will take from purchase to actual gifting. If it’s outside the return window, you may want to skip the gift and think about something else.

Can I be practical and fun at the same time?

If your college student has been living on their own for a while, they probably need new towels or bedding. But giving something as practical as towels doesn’t have to be boring. Add something fun or unique to make the gift pop. Think about something that will set apart the ‘practical’ and make the gift special.

Instead of just giving a new set of sheets or a pillowcase, why not take it up a notch and give a silk pillowcase instead?

 Exclusive DiamondSilk™ fabric, boasting an indulgent, buttery softness and a radiant sheen that’s second to none. What sets us apart is that our pillowcases are often compared favorably to pricier brands, yet they contain an impressive 20-30% more silk.

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Or maybe you can add an eye mask or facial roller with new shower shoes to a set of towels?

The Cloud Towel is meticulously crafted from top-tier, highly absorbent materials and 1.5 times bulkier than any comparable towel, enveloping you in unmatched comfort. Its impressive 96% absorbency rate and 33% faster drying time, under 35 minutes, not only elevates your experience but also reduces the need for extra towels – promoting sustainability

Is it easy to use?

Young adult kids are often too busy to spend extra time in the kitchen but they still want to eat healthy and have tasty meals. But before you make a kitchen gadget purchase, think about whether it is easy to use. An air fryer is a great tool that is super easy to use and a snap to clean.

The Fritaire Air Fryer is the ultimate solution for smart, chic, healthy and more convenient cooking! Beyond its beautiful design, it also has a self-cleaning glass bowl makes for effortless post-cooking clean up. The Fritaire Air Fryer comes with three cooking accessories – the rotisserie, the french tumbler, and the air, and offers 6 one-touch cooking functions for ultimate versatility and convenience. It is also Teflon-free, plastic-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free.

Can I solve a problem?

Sometimes the best gift is something that’s not on the wish list. The next time you are in their dorm or apartment, take a look at their nightstand or computer desk. Are their phone and charging cords a tangled mess? How about giving a gift that also solves this problem? The CordBrick is a specially designed BRICK of silicone and can wrap cords for travel, with easy unwrapping too. Its 6 special channels are designed for holding: 4 cords and wrapping/grabbing 2 cords and phones. All 6 channels can fit Apple AirPods, and things like pens, too.

Can you improve on something they love?

If your adult child has something they regularly buy at the store, then you might be able to buy a gift that improves on their favorite items. Look at their refrigerator or go with them to the store one day. What types of products are they buying? If carbonated drinks are in their shopping cart, then you may want to give them an option that lets them create their own sparkling water at home in their dorm or apartment.

Carbon8 instantly mixes water and CO2 with one quick click on its innovative touchscreen design, immediately serving a stream of sparkling water ready to serve. Carbon8 also has a removable water tank that can be stored in the refrigerator or refilled with cold water

Giving gifts to your adult children is a fun opportunity to show that you really know them and want to do fun things during the Christmas season. Just because they are growing up doesn’t mean the surprises of the season are over.

I’m excited about what’s going under the Christmas tree this year for my growing kids and can’t wait to enjoy many more to come.

Do you have any questions that I missed that you ask before buying gifts? I’d love to hear!

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