5 Ideas to Make Virtual High School Amazing

Do you have a teenager doing virtual high school? Teenagers are social people and need contact with their friends but in 2020, school may look a bit different than normal years. Here are 5 ideas to make virtual high school an amazing experience!

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5 Ideas to Make Virtual High School Amazing

Give Your Teen Somewhere to Go

Getting ready for school every morning can be a struggle for all teenagers but with virtual school, it can be even more challenging, especially if they don’t have a place to go. Set up a desk or school location that is conducive to learning. Move a desk over to a new spot in the basement or in the family room that is dedicated to school. Having a defined spot for school will help set your teen up for a good start!

Check the Background

When we set up our virtual learning areas, we checked the background to see what the computer camera will see. Do you have a clear wall that your teen can sit in front of? No teen wants to have their bed, closet or cluttered area behind them for their whole class to see.

Get Rid of Distractions

Other computers, television and gaming devices are distractions that should not be easily accessible from your high school students school area. Clear the desk of distractions so they can better focus on the virtual learning experience.

Eat a Good Breakfast

It’s going to be tough for some teens to get up and moving early in the morning for the first few weeks of school after being off for so many months. Think about some easy food options for breakfast that your teen can enjoy. My daughter and I love a super easy smoothie while my son prefers something simple like a poptart.

Whether you’re making lunches to go or making snacks for an at-home break, PBfit provides a nutritious, protein-filled snack that’s easy to make and delicious. It’s powdered peanut butter with 87% less fat and ⅓ the calories of traditional peanut butter.

Use Aromatherapy

If your teen is using a spare bedroom or unused downstairs area, you may want to use an InnoGear aromatherapy diffuser with some essential oils to help the room smell good. The diffusers from InnoGear do just that. They not only humidify your home, but they help remove odors, and with the healing benefits of essential oils, can also work to reduce stress, enhance moods, induce calm, and help relieve congestion.

Hopefully things will calm down and our teenagers will get to go back to school at some point, but until then, at least we can make their enviroment ready for learning! What are you doing to help your teen adjust to learning at home? I’d love to hear!

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  1. These are great tips for teens. I even think we as adults can apply some basic adjustments to make our day go smoother and more stress free by following several of these tips. Thanks for sharing.

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