4 Ways to Get Past Writers Block

I started blogging in February, 2009 and have learned alot in the past 3 years or more. One thing I have experienced is the ebb and flow of passion for my blog. Some days I absolutely love it and can’t write fast enough. Then there comes those ‘other days’. Those are the times that I can’t even think of anything at all to post. That’s why I rely on these tips to keep my blog running smoothly – even on my off days.

Save ideas as drafts

When I experience those really creative days and I have lots of great ideas, I write! If I have an idea and I don’t have time to finish the post, I will start the post and title it like this….

“my next post – not done”


I hit save as draft. Then the next time I’m experiencing writers block, I will scan through all my drafts that say ‘not done’ and see if there is an article that I can finish.

Schedule at least 5 days ahead

I try to keep at least 5 days ahead. That way I never have to stress about what I’ll write tomorrow. I always have a cushion.

Use series or recurring linkups

I have several recurring linkups and series that give my blog some continuity. I have a weekly series called Kitchen Cabinet Recipes that features recipes with 5 or less ingredients. I schedule them several weeks ahead of time. Now I have articles posted for the next few weeks for Monday mornings!

Ever had a time when you just didn’t feel like blogging? How do you handle those times? I’d love to hear your best tips!

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  1. I hate that too if I find tht I missed a deadline Petula! If I know I have a deadline to post I’ll usually make that article scheduled with the words in All caps – NOT DONE or NEED PiC to try and remind me not to forget. I think I’ve only had something post with that title still once or twice lol…. That’s a little embarrassing…. oh well… live and learn 🙂

  2. Thanks Amy! I really do enjoy blogging. It is such a good outlet for me. You definitely are juggling a lot in life so don’t feel bad when you don’t blog as much as you want! You’re doing some more important stuff with that gang of yours 🙂

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