4 Ways to Connect Kids with the Classics

Do you love the classics and want your kids to grow up loving some of these time-tested favorites? There are some books that deserve to be shared with the next generation but they may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. So how do you instill a love for classic books with kids that are immersed in a fast-paced short attention world? Here are some of my favorite ideas for creating a love for classic books.

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4 Ways to Connect Kids with the Classics

Listen to Audiobooks

Even before our kids were in school, we were listening to audiobooks when we were in the car. We started with simple picture book audio stories and quickly stretched their attention span to be able to handle classics like CS Lewis The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. By the time they started kindergarten, they had already experienced multiple long books and were able to follow storylines.

Find free audiobooks on library apps like Overdrive (Libby). If you aren’t sure what apps your library supports, just call them and ask!

Read Graphic Novel Versions

If your child is more fascinated by graphic novels than simple text on the page, then offer them graphic novel classics. Check them out from your local library, look for them at local used bookstores or order them online.

Find Age Approriate Versions

If you love classic stories like Hercules or Frankenstein and you have young children, then make sure and stock your personal library with age-appropriate versions of these classics.

Hercules by Sonia Elisabetta Corvaglia – Adventure into the epic and magical world of Greek myths with this brightly illustrated series for young readers. More titles in the Little Library of Greek Myths series include the legends of Greek gods and heroes like Odysseus, Theseus, and Zeus.

Frankenstein by A.H. Hill – With foil on the cover and engaging illustrations throughout, Baby’s Classics: Frankenstein is a delightful addition to baby’s first story time collection! It’s never too early to introduce the littlest readers to the greatest stories. Written with baby in mind, this gothic retelling promises to delight parents and kids alike. 

Read Then Watch

Many of the great classic pieces of literature have been turned into movie versions. Encourage your kids to read the books with you and then have a movie night and enjoy the film version. Talk about the differences and which version you like better.

This year, I have been reading through the Anne of Green Gables series and finished both of the Pollyanna books. I’m enjoying reading some of these gentle classic books that I loved as movies. Once again, I’ve been logging my book journey in Goodreads. Are you doing the Reading Challenge too? I’d love to connect.

How do you encourage your kids to love the classics? Got any favorites you want to share? I’d love to hear!

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