Kentucky Waterfalls Worth Visiting


Most Kentuckians are familiar with Cumberland Falls, known as the Niagara of the South. Visiting Cumberland Falls is a good first start toward enjoying the beauty that we have within two hours of Danville. But this waterfall is just the beginning; Get out and explore these Kentucky Waterfalls that take you past some of the most beautiful scenery in central Kentucky.

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Kentucky Waterfalls Worth Visiting

We have visited these Kentucky waterfalls many times and each time we go, the view is different. In fact, we have plans to go back and revisit each one of these waterfalls in the next few weeks and see what they look like this season! Want to join us?


Cumberland Falls:


Cumberland Falls is the only one of these four Kentucky Waterfalls that is accessible by wheelchair and strollers. It is a very easy paved path over to the lookout. There are additional overlooks where you can see different views of the Falls. You can also rent kayaks, visit the gift shop, stay at the lodge or enjoy fishing and other activities.

Eagle Falls:


To access Eagle Falls, you simply drive over the bridge beyond Cumberland Falls and look on your right to see a small pull off area. There is a clearly marked sign that says Eagle Falls (Trail 9).

This trail is not accessible by stroller or intended for anyone with trouble hiking or climbing steps. The hike is only about a mile and a half but it does involve climbing over multiple boulders, over 300 steps and hiking along some fairly steep cliffs. The waterfall at the end is worth the hike. Eagle Falls is a 44 foot falls and lands in a beautiful pool of water. If you go beyond Eagle Falls and climb over some of the additional boulders you can see a magnificent view of Cumberland Falls.

Dog Slaughter Falls:

Dog Slaughter Falls

Don’t be turned off by the name of this waterfall. Dog Slaughter Falls is probably one of the most beautiful hikes in the Kentucky area. It is not easy to get to because there are no clearly marked signs telling you how to get there. Follow a simple trailhead right off Forest Service Road 195. You access this service road by taking KY 90 out of Corbin, Kentucky. You see magnificent views of the creek from the tops of the cliffs, get to climb over boulders. enjoy switch backs on the trail and eventually curl around to the bottom of the falls. This is about a 45 minute hike in and then you come back on the same trail.

Yahoo Falls:


This trail is located 1 hour from Corbin, KY and is not a huge waterfall like the others. Depending on how much rain we have gotten in the area you may not have more than a slight trickle of water, but the scenery is worth the hike even if the falls are dry at the time of your visit. The loop trail will lead you down some metal stairs to where you can climb further to the base of the falls. You will be under massive rock overhangs. This is a beautiful trail with places for photo ops all along the way.

Princess Falls

Princess Falls

Princess Falls is a beautiful waterfall hike in central Kentucky. This moderate hike in McCreary County is located in the Yamacraw Day Use Area of the Big South Fork National River and is perfect for a family hike. Since these falls are so beautiful, but a bit hard to find, I’ve got step by step directions to help you get there your first time out! Let’s get out there and discover these beautiful waterfalls in Kentucky!

If you are driving south from Whitley City on US 27 in Kentucky, turn right on KY 92 and continue 6 1/2 miles until you reach the Yamacraw Bridge.

Things to know when hiking to Waterfalls:

Take a backpack.

Whether you are hiking with another adult or traveling with kids you should be prepared. Make sure to stock your backpack with water bottles, several granola bars or trail mixes, a first aid kit with Band-Aids and tweezers to pull outs splinters and a flashlight in case your hike takes longer than you plan.

Wear the Right Shoes.

Walking over to view Cumberland Falls in sandals or flip flops is not a big deal. But if you plan to take these other hikes, you need shoes with good grip.

Tell a Friend.

Don’t head off on trails without letting someone know where you are going. Have a plan in case you don’t return as scheduled. Most of these hikes don’t have phone service.

Do you love to hike and view waterfalls in Kentucky? What’s your favorite? I’d love to hear.

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