4 Tips for a Better Selfie

If you are on the computer or use a cellphone, then you have probably seen or taken a selfie. The selfie seems like it would be the simplest picture in all the world to take. You just pop out your phone, aim it toward yourself and hit click. But in reality, taking a good selfie is quite a daunting task.

I have never really tried to take a selfie, so yesterday I took about 15 minutes and worked on my very first selfie. I discovered that it is much harder to take a great selfie than I originally thought. Here are 4 tips for a better selfie! (And you don’t have to take my word for it. These tips come from several friends who are quite gifted in taking self portraits with their phone.

4 Tips for a Better Selfie

4 tips for a better selfie

Tip for Beginners: Remember that most phones can take pictures from both sides. The picture above was part of a series of accidental selfies. My uncle was trying to take a picture of my nephew on his surfboard. My nephew requested that Uncle Richard take a ‘good picture’. I guess Richard took the best picture of all! But instead of capturing my nephew on the surfboard, he recorded this classic selfie! (This picture is used with permission).

What is a Selfie

definition of selfie in english

1. Take a Series of Pictures

I am the world’s worst subject when it comes to taking pictures. I am just not comfortable in front of a camera. Yesterday when I started trying to take my first selfie, they just went from bad to worse. Then I decided to just hold the phone out and take a ton of pictures. I ended up with a couple that I actually like. Bonus: I got some fun shots that my kids will enjoy laughing at!

sharon selfies december 2

2. Clear the Clutter

Don’t take a picture with the towels, toilet or shower behind you. Take a look before you hit click. Do you really want to have the whole world like and share a great picture of you with toilet behind you? My friend Jen was a super good sport and took this before and after selfie. Notice the deodorant in the background? The crooked picture? Paper Towels? She took the 2nd picture after 2 minutes of cleaning off the background surface. Isn’t it a huge improvement? Thanks, Jen from jennyattdapperhouse.com! You definitely know ow to take a fun selfie!

good bad selfie

3. Watch your thumb

Taking a selfie is much more successful when you keep your thumb out of the way.

thumb selfie sharon and shannon

4. Take your Time

Just because you are using a cellphone doesn’t mean you need to get in a hurry. Cameras and phones both need to be kept still so they can focus. My friend and I took a quick picture a few weeks ago but we got in a hurry and blurred the shot. So instead of having a keeper, we got a blurry picture that is less than average.

amy and sharon

Bonus tip: Own the Image

I have a friend who is the queen of selfies. She recently posted using this hashtag: #overtwohundredselfies. I decided to ask her opinion on do’s and don’t when posting selfies.

shayla 200

shaylaOk. selfies… main thing is to just post. Forget the #sorrynotsorry or #guilty type of hashtags. It’s your face. People love to see it every now and then!!

Second: I post one selfie to every five I take. If there isn’t a good shot in the batch of five, I post one anyway. They’re usually the times that get the most comments and likes.

Now, as far as taking the photos, you need good lighting. And a front face camera. But not a rectangular shadow over your face in all the pics, so be careful about lighting placement. Bathrooms usually have best lighting indoors, and outside is probably safe at most times. But the main thing is to own the selfie and not apologize to anyone for showing off your smile…or frown….Or fishy face… You get the idea.

I have to admit that I actually enjoyed taking the selfies the other day. But don’t worry – I won’t clutter your feed with pictures of me every day. But take this as a warning – I will post another selfie soon. They’re kind of fun!

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook! That way we can share more fun pictures!

Looking for more tips for how to take a great Group Photo and what NOT to do! Check out Jenn at Dapperhouse’s post here!

photofail jen

Do you enjoy taking selfies? Got any tips? Pet peeves? Fun experience to share? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I like the view from behind the camera better :). I’ve taken some “selfies” (BTW I can’t believe that is an actual word and I’m using it!)… But, my selfies usually get deleted before making it to the internet haha

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