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5 More Life Skills Kids Should Learn

We all know our kids need to learn their phone number and ABC’s by the time they head to school. What parent hasn’t spent hours teaching their child to tie their shoe or ride their bike? I have talked about important life skills before. Click here to read 6 life skills that every child should learn! Today, I’m sharing 5 more life skills kids need to learn!


But there are some other life skills that we need to make sure our children are learning. Here are 5 more things that all kids should learn while they are living at home.

Life Skills every Child should Learn

How to order pizza

Yes, this is an important skill. Kids need to have the knowledge of how to dial a number on the phone, talk to the person on the other end and make an intelligent order. If they can order a pepperoni pizza on the phone, then you can be confident they will be able to handle other phone calls down the road. A simple pizza order requires them to remember what they are ordering, speak clearly so the person on the other end can understand them and complete a financial transaction on the phone.

How to order from a menu

This is the next step for the pizza order on the phone. When we go out to eat at a sit down restaurant, we help our kids decide on their order. Then when it’s time to order, they place their own order with the waitress. We’ve practiced so they are ready and able to answer the questions of what sides they want and any side dressings or condiments. They need to learn this skill now so they will be able to go on field trips or outings with others as they get older. We don’t want them to be intimidated by a menu.

Manage a bank account

Even young children can start working on this life skill. Whether you start a savings account where they deposit birthday money and special gifts periodically throughout the year or help them establish an A+ Savings account at a local bank, a savings account is a great way to learn how the banking system works. In the old days, kids would have a savings account book where they could record their deposits and interest. Since most banks don’t do that as commonly now, I’ve made one for my kids so they can easily see how much they have in their savings account.

I’m also working with my child and showing her how to record her allowance and money that comes into her spending account each week.

Kids that learn how to manage a small amount of money when they are young are more likely to intelligently handle a full checking account and future credit card accounts when they are on their own.

How to find a book in the library

Most of us remember the old card catalog and the process of looking up books in the libraries. Now the kids get to do a search on the computer and find the books they want. But they still have to know how to read those numbers and look for the books on the shelf. Next time you go to the library with your kids, take a minute to introduce to them to the letters and numbers that will help them find their books. Then give them an assignment to see if they can find a particular book on the shelf.

How to use a Coupon

Our kids are learning the value of a coupon. I sometimes take just one child with me shopping and let him help me use my coupons. They can understand the importance of matching the item with the coupon and get to check the expiration date. When they see that the coupon is worth money, it helps them understand the cost of food.

What skills do you think are important for kids to learn? I’d love to hear from you!

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