4 Benefits of Being Organized

I am not the most organized person, but I sure do try. At least most of the time. In my work world, I keep my files, documents, emails and calendar very organized. But in my personal life, it’s more of a struggle. Over the past few years, I have been working to organize my life and have found that there are some benefits of being organized that I didn’t expect.

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4 Benefits of Being Organized

Like many of you, I’m on a mission to get rid of some of this clutter that is in my life. But there are some things that we have to keep in our house. Even though we don’t use these things every day, it’s still important to hold on to some of the lesser-used items in our household. But we can make an effort to be organized and keep our clutter under control instead of letting it take over and control our lives.

Save Money:

Did you know that being organized can save you money? Have you ever gone to the store to buy an ingredient for dinner then came home and found that you have 3 of them already in the cabinet, but you just didn’t know where they were? If you need a piece of card stock paper or binder clips for a project, do you go out and buy them or can you locate them from your last project?

We recently put some new cabinets in our basement and I love being able to organize our craft and project supplies. Now when the kids need to use letters for a school board or I need to find certificate paper for a project, I know exactly where it is. I save money by not buying duplicates for what I already have.

Real life tip: Since tax time is right around the corner, many of us are probably saying the same thing, “I wish I had organized my receipts and records better last year.”. Keeping our financial records organized definitely helps us save money. As you are preparing your taxes this year, start a document with all your things you need so you can be better prepared for next year.

Now’s a great time to pick up some organization boxes to store your documents and receipts so you will be ready for next year!

Save Time:

This past week I was looking for some party decorations and couldn’t find them anywhere. I spent several hours of my life thinking about and looking for a particular party tablecloth. But then I cleaned out a cabinet and found it stuffed in the back of the shelf. I took a few minutes to organize that cabinet and now I have all my tablecloths neatly organized and ready for our next party. Being organized helps us lay our hands on the things we need without having to waste hours of our day searching.

It may take some time up front to organize a closet or the garage, but in the long run, being organized will save us time later when we are in a time crunch.

Save Gas:

Every time we have to go back to the grocery for a forgotten dinner ingredient, we are wasting gas. It is obviously more efficient to get everything we need the first time. So take the time to make a list of everything you need and get all your shopping done on the first trip.

Save Stress:

When is the last time you stressed about a project or spent your whole day worrying about what you would cook for dinner? Meal planning is a practical form of organization that takes the stress out of your life. When you know your life is organized and things are planned out, you can stress less and focus on other more important things.

If meal planning is a struggle for you too, then you might want to check out these Meal Prep books to help you get started. And of course, you will want to make sure you have plenty of storage containers to keep all the ingredients ready in the fridge and freezer.

What are the benefits of being organized in your life? I’d love to hear!

I’m not ‘there’ yet when it comes to being organized but am working toward a clutter-free life. Here are some of the things that I’m working on!

my journey toward clutter free living
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  1. My craft room is partially organized. I keep having good intentions but get busy crafting and, alas, another big mess. Maybe someday…

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