4 Benefits of Teaching Kids to Bake

i’m not the world’s best cook, but the kids and I have always had a great time trying out new recipes. I grew up helping my Mom use the hand beater to make cakes and cookies. It was always the best reward to get to lick the beaters or help clean out the bowl! I want my kids to feel confident when they want to make cakes, brownies or cookies. There’s just nothing like the taste of something fresh right out of the oven! Here are some great benefits to teaching kids to bake.

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Why teach kids to bake

Benefits of teaching kids to bake

We followed the recipe from here. They turned out really tasty! How can you go wrong with oreo cookies, chocolate cake, and a creamy buttery cream cheese icing!

Learn to Measure

Cooking and Baking require you to actually use measuring cups and spoons. The kids have to learn the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. Cooking also gives them a chance to see what is bigger and how important it is to be precise.

Learn to Follow Directions

The kids were making homemade chocolate chip cookies a few months ago. They didn’t follow the directions exactly. When they got to the finished product, something didn’t look right. They had forgotten the eggs. Their 2nd attempt turned out worse – they read the directions wrong. Instead of using 1 tsp of water, they used 1 cup. Definitely made a huge difference. Their 3rd attempt turned out perfect. They learned a great lesson about carefully reading the directions.

Learn the Importance of Cleaning up their Mess

I don’t mind when the kids get to try out new things in the kitchen. But they know that if they don’t make an attempt to clean up their mess, then I’ll be very hesitant to let them try the next time. My 10 year old son loves to try out new smoothie concoctions. He has finally foun that a spoon of peanut butter, a handful of ice, several cups of milk, and a few scoops of nestle quick make a great smoothie. The thing that makes me so proud of him is that he rinses out the blender and puts the dishes in the dishwasher when he is done. He has finally learned that if he cleans up his mess that I’ll let him make another concoction another day.

Does your daughter love cookies and milk? How about this super fun milk and cookies necklace to help her celebrate her new cooking skills!

Learn how to use kitchen gadgets

Toaster, Hand Mixer, Blender, Can Opener…. Just a few of the kitchen gadgets that adults use on a regular basis. I am trying to teach my kids to operate these safely and without making a huge mess. True, my 10 year old did spray butter cream icing all over the counter and walls but I think he now knows how important it is to keep the hand mixer inside the bowl.

Do you enlist your kids help in the kitchen? I would love to hear your best tips and experiences!

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  1. My preschool teacher at the program I am the director for and I have done some presentations at local conferences talking about cooking in the classroom. We love it! Try doing some cooking fun to go with books you enjoy – like items from the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Pinkalicious cupcakes, try new foods from Australia after reading Possum Magic, etc. It can be a great way to spark their interest in reading!

  2. I love teaching my step daughter how to cook, we are still have some problems learning clean up though! haha – anything to get her away from the tv and video games!

  3. We dont have kiddos yet but this is certainly something I feel it will be important to do with them. Some of my fondest memories are cooking with my grandma

  4. All my kids love to help in the kitchen and sometimes I just want to do it alone but after reading this they are always welcome to help me!

  5. Our kids love baking & it is a fundamental part of their Montessori school day, all types of food preparation!

  6. My kids are always helping me bake. They love to make cakes, brownies, etc. Sometimes they come up with their own concoctions… hmmmm now that is interesting. Even the Dog is does not want it. But it is fun to have them help (when I am not in a hurry) and see what they create!

  7. My daughter wasn’t the least bit interested in cooking/baking. NOw she calls me to find out how to do stuff. Teach them young!!

  8. I enjoy having my girls bake with me. In addition to learning different measurements, I use the opportunity to teach/review math and science.

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