4 Basic Tools for Home Repair

We’ve been painting and working in our house for the past week. I am certainly no expert in home repair projects but I have been learning. Here are 4 tools that are great!

1. Furniture & Woodwork Scratch Cover Touch-Up Pens

If you have spots on your shelves or cabinets that need to be touched up, these markers could be just the thing you need. I have used tape to hang streamers or balloons for birthday parties and didn’t realize that there were marks left over the from the tape. These little pens have helped hide the spots.

2. Paint Can Opener

Sure you can open a can of paint with a screwdriver but for less than Thirty Five Cents, this little tool makes it much easier.

3. Flashlight for Hat

If you have electrical work that requires you to turn off electricity and you need to hold a flashlight, don’t bother tying up your hands. Just attach the flashlight to your hat. This is a great help for crawling around in the crawl space or attic. You can’t beat the price for something that makes your life easier.

4. Digital Camera

The digital camera can be one of the best tools in home repair. We regularly use it whenever we have a project we have to disassemble and then put back together. When we did repairs on our tiller last year, we took pictures of the belt so we would know how to install the new one. When it was time to install a new light fixture, the camera helped us know which wires would reconnect on the new one. Gotta love digital cameras!

What’s your favorite little tool that makes home repair a bit easier? I’d love to hear!

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