Celebrate National Hobby Month

It’s a brand new year! January is National Hobby Month! Hobbies on a Budget is ready to help you find a new hobby or rediscover something that you used to love. Here are featured hobbies by readers, friends and family members just for you!

I’ve got some real people who have turned their hobbies into business as well as some family members who love what they do so much that they would never dream of trying to sell their creations. Whether you are an avid bookworm, runner, crafter, or enjoy more extreme hobbies like sky diving, ballooning, rock climbing or participating in Civil War reenactments, we’ve got something for everyone. So click through the list and see all the hobbies being featured on Hobbies on a Budget during National Hobby Month!


Which hobby are you going to discover {or rediscover} this month? I’d love to hear!

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