2017 Online Flower Journal

I love the flowers in my yard. In 2012 I decided to start keeping an online flower journal sharing some of the beauty I find in my backyard. I love going out on a daily walk around the yard to see what has changed over-night. My goal is to have something in bloom from last frost to first freeze! The colors change throughout the season, but the joy of watching things grow remains.

2017 Online Flower Journal

This is the 3rd year in this backyard. Throughout the season, the flowers change, the colors are different and the views are always amazing. In our current backyard, I not only get to enjoy the flowers that come and go, but I also love watching the creek and the trees change with the seasons. Join me as we move through the seasons and enjoy the blooms and trees in my backyard. You can follow my hashtag #onlineflowerjournal on Instagram to keep up with the latest posts!

February 25

February 24

February 9

January 29

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  1. You know I love this! Our flowers are blooming 3-4 weeks early here. It is nice to have daffodils in February!

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