2 New Games for Summer Family Fun

Our family goes through spurts with games. Some stages are big game times and some are spent with more time outside on adventures. This past few weeks we’ve been exploring some new family games that are super fun. If you are looking for some easy to learn family friendly games, check out these new games from Tenzi.

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2 New Games for Summer Family Fun

I have one simple rule when it comes to family games. The new game has to be super easy to learn. We’ve tried games in the past that have so many rules that we spend all our time just trying to learn how to play and that’s not the way I want to spend an evening with the family. Instead, I want to enjoy playing a game that gives us lots of time to laugh and make memories. Here are a couple of new options that have become our current family favorites.

BUILDZI by TENZI – The Fast Stacking Building Block Game for The Whole Family – 2 to 4 Players Ages 6 to 96 – Plus Fun Party Games for up to 8 Players

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Have you ever played a Tetris style game where you have to stack blocks of various shapes and colors? Buildzi brings that game to life in a competitive format. There are multiple ways to play which means the game is never quite the same for great family competition.

Flip over your Tower Card or Block Card and be the first to build your block tower. For more of a challenging tower game try using the yellow/black side of the Tower Card, these towers are a bit trickier to build and don’t have colors to help identify the blocks. You can also use the individual cards to mix things up and make the game even more challenging.

TENZI Dice Party Game Bundle with 77 Ways to Play A Fun, Fast Frenzy for The Whole Family – 4 Sets of 10 Colored Dice with Storage Tube – Colors May Vary

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When we opened the package for Tenzi, we were impressed by the colorful dice. The premise of the first round is super simple – each player rolls their 10 dice as many times as needed to match the numbers before the other players. But the fun begins after the initial round. The game comes with an extra pack of cards with 77 ways to play Tenzi. Each new round gives you a new challenge. Some rounds, you have to switch hands; other rounds you have to match patterns, switch dice or perform an action between rolls.

The premise of the game is simple but the fun of the game just keeps growing with each roll. This game is great to bring family of all ages into the same experience.

Which of these games is most interesting to you? What is your favorite family game this summer? I’d love to hear!

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