12 Days | 12 States | 4200+ Miles

We have taken many amazing trips with the kids, but we just returned from one that qualifies as the “most”! It’s the most states, the most miles and ties with the longest we’ve ever been out on adventure. Since most of you are travel lovers just like we are, then get ready to find some amazing destination ideas, travel hacks and vacation inspiration to help you plan your next road trip.

This post includes affiliate links. Some tickets were provided or hosting provided to help facilitate this press trip, but all opinions are my own. I received no monetary compensation.

12 Days | 12 States | 4200+ Miles

Whether you live in Kentucky, Wyoming or somewhere in between, you’re going to find a vacation ideas you have not considered – and of course, you’re going to have to go there next!

We’ve packed and unpacked the car in 12 different cities, 12 different hotels and done laundry in 3 states.

We’ve toured Presidential Libraries, art museums and seen wild west memorabilia – even a donut that has survived since the Civil War!

From Kentucky, all the way west to Colorado, north to Montana and back through the Dakotas, we’ve seen some amazing parts of the United States.

From Little BigHorn to Pompey’s Pillar, Devil’s Tower to the Badlands, we’ve got some amazing tips to help you plan your next road trip out west!

If you are planning a road trip out west, you probably already have alot of destinations in mind, but how will you make the trip work? Follow along here on the blog and see just how to make your next family road trip a success!

***Thanks to multiple destinations who have helped host us along our trip. Stay tuned to find out exactly which partners I suggest you visit when you take your next trip!

Here’s the test!

How many of these destinations do you recognize? Leave me a comment and tell me where you have visited and what’s on your bucket list!

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