10 Things to Know for Your First Escape Room

Have you ever done an escape room where you are ‘locked’ in a room and have to find clues to help solve the puzzles? These rooms are a great way to build team unity, celebrate birthdays, and learn how to work together plus they are just a ton of fun! If you have been thinking about doing an Escape Room, then here are 10 tips to help make sure your first Escape Room experience is a success!

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10 Things to Know for Your First Escape Room

You are never really locked in

The first thing to note is that you are never really locked in. The door is unlocked at all times so you can leave if you need to. The time will continue running but you are free to take a break and go to the restroom or go get a drink of water if you need it.

Another great thing about an escape room is the fact that this is a level playing field for multi-generations. Typically there’s not a lot of moving involved and the whole experience takes place in just a couple of small rooms.

Pick Your Game Scenario

Most Escape Room venues offer multiple scenarios that you can play. Look through the options and decide what is best for your group based on your level of experience and interest. One family birthday scenario we did was a runaway train. We needed to unravel clues so we could disable a bomb, gain entry to the conductor’s cabin, stop the train, and free the passengers before the time ran out.

Our most recent Escape Room scenario at Raven’s Cross in Cave City, Kentucky was called “The Final Chapter”. This was a fun way to celebrate our daughter’s birthday and make some great memories. They have another Escape Room scenario called The Nautilus that we want to go back and play in the future.

Raven’s Cross is located just across from Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground (907 Mammoth Cave Rd, Cave City, Kentucky 42127).

You and your friends have found the cabin of your favorite mystery writer, who has recently been declared legally dead after missing for 30 years.  Now you have 60 minutes to uncover the clues and solve the puzzles of The Final Chapter!  Can you get out before your time expires? 

Raven’s Cross Escape Room

Be Aggressive but not destructive

Most things in the room are part of the experience and you should definitely look under, over, and behind everything. But remember that you don’t want to destroy the property or ruin the setup for the next players.

Question everything

Is there a random connection on the wall? A doorknob that looks out of place? Does the painting look suspicious or is the carpet too thick? Remember that this is an experience intended to stump you, so question everything.

Solve Puzzles

When you first arrive, you will probably be shown a quick video or given a scenario to help you get started. Then you are on your own to start solving puzzles to help you ‘escape’. You will probably see objects in your room with a combination lock, keypad, or even a computer screen that needs a code. Use the resources in the room to figure out what those numbers or clues are.

Ask for help

Many breakout rooms will offer several free clues. There is a host monitoring your progress as you go through the challenges. If you get stumped, simply ask for help. Some places only give three free clues before the game is stopped, so choose wisely!

Follow the Breakout Games Knoxville Blog for riddles, puzzles and scenarios to help stretch your brain and get you ready for your next game!


Work Together

Everyone in your group has a different perspective on solving problems. In our Runaway Train scenario, there were some math problems that had a couple of us stumped. Another member of the team stepped in and figured it out instantly. In our “Final Chapter” room, when the combination lock wasn’t working for one member, we switched out and let someone else try, and then it worked!

Let each person use their strengths to help the team solve the puzzles and escape the room!

Phones are Not Allowed

Typically you are not allowed to carry in your phone or take pictures during your experience. The fun of the experience is that you don’t want to know the puzzles you will be faced with. So put your phone in your pocket, leave it in your vehicle or drop it in the provided cubby so you can focus on the adventure and not be disturbed by a phone call.

Watch the Time

Most Escape room experiences have a digital clock counting down the time. You have 60 minutes to finish the scenario. While that may seem like a lot of time, it’s easy to lose track and find yourself running down to the very last second! We have ‘escaped’ with a few minutes to spare each time we have played an escape room but believe me it can get a bit tight in the last few minutes.

60 Minutes Breakout Games

Don’t forget you are being watched

As you proceed through your breakout scenario, remember that there is a real person monitoring your progress. This is a helpful piece of the game experience in case you get stuck.

Have you ever done an escape room? Got any fun stories or experiences to share? Did you escape in time? I’d love to hear!

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