10 Tips for BeechBend Amusement Park

One of the classic places for local fun in Kentucky is Beech Bend Amusement Park! For decades, families have been coming to Beech Bend for days and nights full of fun! As a one of a kind facility, Beech Bend has a lot to offer and continues to add new rides, races and special events. The main attraction here is fun. For those of you heading out to the park this summer, here are a few tips and things to know!

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10 Tips for Beech Bend Amusement Park

When you are planning your next visit to Beech Bend, there are a few things to know that will help your visit go smoother.

  1. Thirsty? Just ask for FREE water! Just ask any of the food vendors for a free cup of water. (Since you can’t take the drinks on the rides with you, be kind to the environment and split a cup with a friend. Just grab 2 straws!)
  2. Rent a Locker: You may rent a locker for $10.00 at the souvenir shop at the front of the park. When you return your key at the end of the day you get $5.00 back!
  3. Stay protected from the sun: No worries if you forget your sunscreen. Just grab some when you pass a sunscreen kiosk located throughout the park
  4. No coolers or snacks in the park. You are not allowed to carry in any food or drinks into the park. But there are picnic tables outside the gates. On our visit, we saw several others eating a picnic lunch out under the trees or from the back of their mini-vans.
  5. Beechbend-picnic
  6. Shirts, Shoes and Shorts are Required: Even if you are heading straight to the water park, you must have clothes (or at least a towel) over your swimsuit. Feel free to go back and forth between the water park and the rides. You can lock up your towel and head to the rides. Some rides like the swings do not allow you to wear flip flops, but they have a “flip flop pile” beside the ride.
  7. Don’t forget the necessary toiletries: Remember to take the items you will need for swimming: ie. feminine products, swim diapers etc
  8. Card or Cash: Credit Cards as well as cash are accepted in the park for items like locker rental and food.
  9. Putt Putt Golf Deposit: We didn’t play miniature golf on our visit, but be prepared to pay a small deposit for your clubs if you plan to play.
  10. GoCarts require an additional ticket purchase.
  11. There are rides for all ages!There are plenty of rides for the little kids but if you have a child who is ready to ride the bigger thrill rides, just have them check their height at the entrance line. Even the younger children will get plenty of thrills on rides like the Dragon Coaster and Wild Mouse!

What to Expect at Beech Bend

Beech Bend offers all the typical carnival style rides you expect an an amusement park. You can play the arcade style games, ride the Swings, the dizzy inducing teacups, scramblers and rides that take you up and over, around in circles and give you the thrills. The thing that sets Beech Bend apart from other amusement parks is down-home feel. Some parks offer so many options that you just can’t experience it all. The lines are huge and the waiting time to get on each ride is long.

On the Friday in July that we visited Beech Bend, we didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes at any rides. We were able to walk right up to each attraction and get on almost immediately.

The staff was friendly and the rides were clean and well maintained. Beech Bend is a classic park that has been operating since the 1940’s and still has the charm of the family focused hometown fair.


We visited in July so of course it was hot! But don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying a fun day with friends! Just grab a cup of free ice water and cool off under one of the many shade umbrellas at a picnic table.


Splash Lagoon

Of course one of the highlights is the Splash Lagoon. This water park inside Beech Bend offers a lazy river, multiple water slides and a wave pool. There is a great kids area called Tiki Island with a huge bucket of water that drops periodically as well as a 2nd pool with an obstacle course and free swimming area.

There are lifeguards on duty as well as free floats and sunscreen stations.

Whether you enjoy the thrill of the Kentucky Rumbler or prefer the laid back fun of driving an antique car, Beech Bend has you covered!


One of the fun rides we all enjoyed was the Wild Mouse. This steel roller coaster looks like a fun easy going coaster but uses cars that are wider than the track itself, giving the impression that the riders are hanging off the side or that they might fly out, thus giving it the name “wild”.


Connect with Beech Bend

Connect on the Beech Bend website, Facebook and Twitter.

798 Beech Bend Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone (270) 781-7634
Fax (270) 781-0524

Looking to save MONEY on your next visit? Check out the Beechbend Facebook page for ways to save!

One last tip: Make sure you have someone in your group who loves the thrills, drops and screaming fun rides! I’m not a huge fan of rollercoasters but my friend is! Thanks Kayelynn for going on the ‘big rides’ with the kids! My daughter absolutely loved the Kentucky Rumbler! She’s now hooked on coasters!

kayelynn and natalie on rumbler

What is your favorite ride at Beechbend or other amusement parks? I’d love to hear your favorite memories!

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  1. I first went in 1969 when I was four. Although I missed a few years during the time the park was closed, I’ve been taking my own kids every year . It’s changed and I miss some of the things from when I was s ten, but the owner, Dallas Jones, is constantly improving the park

  2. My friends, my kids and I went a couple of weeks ago and could not believe how much it had changed since I was a kid. We had just as much fun then as I did as a kid. Hope to go back real soon!!! 🙂

  3. We are a family of 6 and have season passes for the first time this year!!! My kids absolutely love it, I have a son who is scared of heights and there is still plenty for him to do, and they all love Dplash lagoon as well!! But I also wanted to mention the shows they put on as well, the Wild West show will keep u laughing the whole time and my kids adore the Cody, Spooner, Dare, and Jayden who star in it, they even had shirts airbrushed for the show! And the Magic Show with Dinky Gowen and Dare is awesome and will keep u wondering how did thy do that!!! We always have a great time at Beech Bend!!!

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