10 Things to Take on Spring Hikes

The weather is finally starting to tease us with hints of spring. We can see forsythia starting to turn yellow and the dogwoods are starting to bud. That means that it is time to start spending the weekends out on the hiking trails. But don’t go unprepared. Make sure you pack these ten things so you will be ready to tackle spring hikes with your family and friends.

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When you are out on the trail, your hands can get cold. For just a couple dollars, you can keep some handwarmers in your pocket and make your hiking experience more enjoyable.

The Right Jacket

I love a light jacket that gives me protection from the elements but is lightweight enough that I can wear it when I am out exploring the world around me. I have been wearing this mystery ink Adidas jacket out on multiple adventures over the past couple months. It has handled rain, wind and even some surprise snowflakes.

Josephine Sculpture Park

Featuring Parley for the Oceans reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic and Climaproof for breathable, waterproof protection from wind, rain, or snow, this jacket provides environmentally sound functionality and style. Available in men’s and women’s.

Swift Parley 2-Layer Jacket: 

The right jacket should be one that you can wear and not worry about whether it will keep you dry, warm and ready for adventures. Check out our day trip to Cumberland Falls last week and see how we put the jacket to the test in some heavy waterfalls!


Pick the right backpack so you will be able to carry all your essentials. Check out the checklist here to help you pick the perfect backpack for your adventure!

Tennis Shoes that can get muddy

Spring hikes are not the place for brand new white tennis shoes. Wear shoes that are up for some muddy trails.

Hiking Stick

Everyone needs a good hiking stick. Whether you prefer a classic wood cane or a retractable walking stick, just make sure you have one handy to help you on the trail.


Everyone should have their own whistle around their neck in case they get separated from the group. They don’t cost much money and are lightweight.

First Aid Kit

Be ready for splinters, scratches and cuts when you are out exploring the spring trails. Keep a basic first aid kit in your backpack.


Whether you have stayed active all winter long or are just now venturing off the couch for new adventures, you’re bound to get hungry on the trail. Keep some granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit and water in your backpack. Some hikers like to keep at least one prepackaged meal that can be warmed up on an open fire by just adding water.

Plastic Baggies

Unexpected Spring rains can pop up any time. Be prepared for wet weather by keeping a few plastic baggies in your backpack so you can protect your wallet, phone and camera.

Trail Map

Before you head out on the trails, make sure you pick up a trail map. You can’t rely on your phone to give you service when you are on hiking and you don’t want to take a chance on getting lost. There are even trail map document holders that will protect your map from the elements if needed.

What are the things you always take on spring hiking trips? Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments so we can all be prepared.

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