10 Things to Know when you stay in a Treehouse

Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved tree houses. The first time I watched Swiss Family Robinson I decided that it was the ultimate house to live in. After all, who wouldn’t want an amazing mansion high in the treetops? This past week my family and I had the opportunity to spend the night in a real treehouse. But this is not your average treehouse. This treehouse is one of those amazing off grid tree houses that let you sleep in the trees but live a night of comfort. Located in the rolling hills of Kentucky, the Pete Nelson Treehouse is a place you and your family are going to want to explore. But before you go, there are 10 Things to know when you stay in a Treehouse!

Hobbies on a Budget was offered a stay at the Pete Nelson Treehouse, courtesy of EarthJoy Treehouse Adventures. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

10 Things to Know when you stay in a Treehouse

10 Things to Know When You Stay in a Treehouse

The Pete Nelson treehouse in Brooksville, Kentucky is a perfect place for people who love the camping experience but still want the comforts of a cabin. Add in the feeling of sleeping in a treehouse and you get the adventure of your dreams plus you have the ideal location for nature lovers to get away and reconnect with the outside world.

The Pete Nelson treehouse was featured on the hit show Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet. You can rent the treehouse from here.

1: Yes, the cabin is in the trees!

What makes a treehouse a real treehouse? It must be in the trees. The Pete Nelson treehouse is completely built using trees as the foundation. If you look closely, you will see the bolts, anchors and cables that support the structure.

Pete Nelson Treehouse

2: There is limited electricity.

There is electricity in the treehouse that will give you lights and a small air conditioning or heater window unit. There is also a ceiling fan in the loft.

You can bring your own wood for the stove and fire pit or order a supply of wood when you make your reservation.

3: Don’t expect indoor plumbing.

This treehouse has many comforts of home but indoor plumbing is not something you will experience. Instead, you have a compost toilet (outhouse) located about 20 feet from the treehouse.

Compost Toilet (outhouse)

If you prefer indoor plumbing, you can walk to the bathhouse. From the Pete Nelson Treehouse, it takes about 5 minutes to walk up to the indoor shower, sink and flushable commode.

Bathhouse at Earth Joy Treehouse Adventures

4: Know what is provided.

You don’t need to bring towels or linens when you come but you might want to. There are towels available in the bathhouse and sheets, blankets, pillows and washcloths in the treehouse, but if you have your own favorite linens, you might want to bring them.

5: Don’t forget your food.

The treehouse is located out in the country but there is a gas station located about 5 minutes from the treehouse (3 miles away ) where you can pick up  supplies as well as a convenient store that has pizza, lunch meat, and lots of other goodies. You can do some shopping in Maysville at Walmart or Kroger so you can cook when you arrive, or you can pick up some take out food at one of your favorite restaurants in town.

There is a fire pit behind the treehouse for s’mores or campfire food as well as an outdoor grill and camp stove in the treehouse.

6: Take off your shoes!

The Pete Nelson Treehouse has a no shoes policy, so park your shoes on the porch, and pack some fuzzy socks or flip flops for inside the treehouse.

no shoes inside the treehouse

7: Enjoy the Hammock Swing

Inside the cabin, there is a comfy hammock swing that just begs for you to grab your favorite book and cup of coffee while you swing inside the treehouse.

Inside Hammock

8: What are the sleeping options?

There is a king size bed in the loft that gives you an amazing view of the treehouse and surrounding area. It might come to a toss up for which members of your family get to call the loft home for the night, but it is definitely the prize place to sleep.

Sleeping Arrangements for the rest of the family
Whoever doesn’t win the king size bed in the loft get to share the main floor of the treehouse for the night. There is a sofa that folds down to a bed and plenty of space for the rest of the family to stretch out on sleeping bags or a cot.

If the weather is nice, you can open the large barn doors and let the sunshine in!

Pete Nelson Treehouse

9: Be ready to Explore

There are multiple places to hike and explore on the 200 acre property. Grab some bug spray, your camera and go for a scavenger hike along the trails. There is a laminated trail map in the cabin when you arrive that shows you all the places to explore.

Pete Nelson Treehouse Adventures - Natalie and Sharon

10: Plan for Relaxation

What do you do when you stay in a treehouse that is off grid? Plan for relaxation! Sit on the porch and read a book; Swing in the hammock and rest. Play a board game or take a hike.

Porch relaxation

Have you ever stayed in a treehouse? If not, what are you waiting for? Contact Bill and Shelly today and get your visit on the calendar! Talk about an amazing experience!

Find the Pete Nelson Treehouse

The treehouse is located in Germantown KY.
Specific directions will be emailed once you register.
It is approximately 1 hour from Cincinnati and Lexington.


File this in the “did you know? category”:  Did you know that Kentucky has it’s own Stone Henge?  If you love quirky things and you love adventures, you should check it out!

Stonehenge Munfordville Kentucky

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  1. Sharon, how do you find these great places? I had no idea that a tree house existed, especially in Kentucky. What a fun place to stay, explore and relax.

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