10 Things to Know Monument Rocks, Kansas

Sometimes you find a place that defies words and sparks your imagination. Monument Rocks in Kansas is one of those places. We weren’t sure what to expect and almost didn’t take the extra side road, but we’re so glad we did. If you are looking for an amazing natural experience, you need to check out Monument Rocks. Here are 10 things to know to make your trip go smoothly.

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10 Things to Know Monument Rocks, Kansas

Monument Rocks, also known as the Chalk Pyramids, is located 20 miles south of Oakley, Kansas and was established as the first National Natural Landmark in Kansas in 1968. The limestone formations stretch up to 50 feet high.

The best place to start your trip to Monument Rocks is the Buffalo Bill Sculpture & Visitor Center at Exit 70 off I-70! The Visitor Center is a free place to get information about the area, learn about historic Buffalo Bill and of course get clean restrooms and a snack if you want. Take a few minutes and get a picture of the twice life-sized bronze of Buffalo Bill on horse in pursuit of a buffalo. The sculpture stands 16 feet tall and is one of the largest bronze statues of its kind.

Get a byway map

Make sure you ask for a historic byway map when you stop at the Buffalo Bill Sculpture & Visitor Center. This will make your drive out to Monument Rocks much easier!

Be Prepared

Monument Rocks is in the middle of Kansas fields so make sure you have a full tank of gas, plenty of water and snacks when you leave the Interstate. There are no gas stations, restaurants or homes on this road, so be smart and be prepared.

It is hot and dry

Monument Rocks has been chosen as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas and it’s no surprise why. (Just look at these amazing natural formations.) But it is also very hot and dry. Drink plenty of water while you are exploring.

Respect Nature

The Chalk Pyramids have been around for many years and we want them to last for future generations. Walk all around and enjoy their beauty but don’t climb or deface the natural beauty.

There is no admission fee

This is truly an untouched natural wonder! There is no ticket booth, Visitor Center or help desk. It’s just you and a handful of others who adventure out in the wheat fields to discover this beautiful place.

Parking is Free

There is a simple parking area in front of both of the rock formation areas. There is no parking fee or paved lot.

There are no restrooms

Remember that you are miles from regular civilization. There are no restroom facilities.

The Rock Formations are Natural

There is no official path through the rock formations. You simply wonder around and enjoy the view from all angles. This means there are no trails or paved sidewalks. It is sandy which means you could potentially push a stroller or wheelchair but it will be tough going.

Explore Both Formations

The first set of rock formations is the most commonly explored area. But make sure you drive over to the second set of chalk pyramids for some more amazing views of nature.

Take your Time

There are some natural parks where you can veer off your path for 15 minutes and be done, but Monument Rocks is different. Counting your drive off the interstate down Kansas 83 and the time spent exploring the rock formations, you will need several hours of your day. But the time spent is well worth it!

This is private property

The rocks are located on private property but are open to the public. Observe the posted rules. No camping, bonfires, drones, honking at wildlife, etc. Basically, treat the rocks with respect and ensure that they are around for years to come.

We have seen many amazing places in the United States, but there are some places that just stand out in your memories. Monument Rocks is one of those places that we will never forget. Have you ever been here? If not, have I convinced you to put this on your road trip list?

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