10 Things to Know about the Creation Museum


Have you ever wondered if there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? Have you thought about how the world was created? Have you wondered if aliens were real? Ever had questions from your kids that your days in Sunday School just didn’t cover? Maybe you need to take a tour through the Creation Museum. Located just minutes from downtown Cincinnati, this museum is more than just a look at dinosaur history, it’s a walk through the Bible and offers answers to some of life’s questions.

10 Things to Know about the Creation Museum

Parking is Free

Wear comfortable walking shoes.

The museum is relatively large and requires quite a bit of walking, although there are plenty of benches and places to sit and rest.

Let the Kids Interact

Throughout the museum there are many interactive exhibits with buttons to push, screens with quizzes, animated characters that talk and interact. Just give the kids permission to learn and push the buttons.

But remember that not everything is ok to touch! There are some exhibits that are definitely best to just look and not touch!


The kids wanted to take some fun pictures in the Dinosaur Gallery. So, of course, I started snapping.


My son collects the e-coins that are often available at museums and zoos. Just don’t worry about bringing quarters and pennies for this machine, just bring a dollar bill instead.

Interactive Movies

Make sure you take a few minutes at the start of your visit to watch the interactive special effects movie.  We saw the “Men in White” show while we were there.  This light, satirical look at why people ask the questions they do is a great way to get your tour started.  Be prepared for some water spray, a little bit of motion in the seats and some fun effects.

Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium

The Insectorium has every color, size and kind of bug and butterfly you’ve ever dreamed of. Did you know that bugs and insects come in every shade of color? But why are they beautiful? Got questions about insects? Just ask the interactive Dr. Crawley inside the exhibit (and yes! there is actually a real man named Dr. Crawley who donated his collection to the museum.)

Stargazer Planetarium

(not included in your museum ticket) We had the opportunity to see Aliens: Fact or Fiction. This movie lets you travel the universe looking for answers. You’ll meet some new friends who have lots of questions like “Are we alone in the universe?”, “Does life exist on other planets?”, “Did your neighbor really see a UFO?” and “Are there answers in the Bible?”.

All Tickets are good for Two Days!

Located seven miles west of the Cincinnati Airport, the Creation Museum is within one day’s drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population. There is more than you can fully enjoy in one day, so all tickets are good for two days!

Dinosaur Bones

Don’t miss the recently added dinosaur skeleton, an Allosaurus fragilis, in addition to the other dinosaur bones and exhibits.


Enjoy the Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Feel free to stop and grab a snack in Noah’s Cafe.

If you share my worldview and believe in Creation, then you and your family will learn so much on a tour through the Creation Museum. Our kids have heard all their lives about Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Creation and the Garden, but this tour through the Creation Museum answered questions about dinosaurs, the flood and the size of the ark while giving us a starting place to talk about more Biblical history and how it relates to our lives.

And where else can you have the opportunity to ask Isaiah, Moses and David questions about their adventures through the Bible?

The artistic attention to detail in each of the exhibits is amazing. Don’t miss the the Zipline, the Botanical Gardens, petting zoo, and other dinosaur exhibits.

Go Outside

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor gardens, petting zoo and walking trails.

There is even a suspension bridge that you need to enjoy!

Save on Tickets

If you are planning to visit the sister attraction, the Ark Encounter, then you may want to purchase the combo tickets and save money on the two museums.

Get tickets, hours and admission information here

Connect with the Creation Museum


Have you visited the Creation Museum? What is your favorite part of the tour? I’d love to hear!

Hobbies on a Budget received tickets for the museum. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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  1. As a fellow Kentuckian, I love this feature on your blog! I have MANY memories of my parents taking the family on mini-vacations and day trips around our great state. I would also suggest visiting Rabbit Hash, KY, Kingdom Come state park and the Poke Sallet Festival, both in Harlan County, KY, Shakertown, and the list goes on as you well know! Thank you for shining the spotlight on our great state!

  2. What a great place to be able to visit. I wish we had one in our area, it would make a fantastic home school field trip for our kids.

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