10 Questions to Ask Before you Book Your Next Hotel


Stop real quick and think about the last time you stayed at a hotel. Was it a good experience? Did you sleep well? Was there anything special about your stay? Now that vacation planning is starting to happen again, here are some questions to ask about your next hotel to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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Every hotel has it’s own personality. Some are welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. You just get a sense that this is going to be a great stay!

Do yourself a big favor though before you sign in, and ask the right questions beforehand. Then you will be guaranteed a great stay!

Tip: Of course, safety is everyone’s top priority. So do the things you need. to do to stay safe and healthy while traveling. Ask the hotel about their cleaning protocals and then have your own personal routine when you arrive.

Hampton Inn & Suites

1. Is the location right?

When you pick your hotel you want to make sure the location is right. If you are staying outside a large city and want easy access to public transportation, then you should make sure you are near the station. If you are traveling to a new area, you might want to make sure the hotel is conveniently located near the grocery stores, Walmart and restaurants.

One tip that has always served us well when it comes to supper plans. We always ask the hotel staff for their favorite local restaurants. We don’t want to eat at a chain restaurant but we want a great experience. Noone knows the area better than the ones working behind the desk! The hotel staff will also know the current guidelines for dining in and carry out for the area.

2. Do you offer Complimentary Hot Breakfast?

With a family of five, we know that every meal is expensive. By choosing a hotel with a complimentary hot breakfast bar, we not only save money but also give each member of the family the opportunity to pick their favorite food. So whether it’s bacon or sausage, bagels and cream cheese, cereal, oatmeal or waffles, each of our family members is able to choose their favorite breakfast and we can get on with our adventures of the day!

3. Is there space to spread out?

With 3 growing kids who are almost as tall as we are, it’s important for us to find a hotel that offers enough space to spread out. When the kids were small, we were able to squeeze into a smaller room but now we need at least 2 beds and a pullout couch. This gives us space for everyone to sleep comfortably and be ready for the next day of adventures.

The King Suite at the Hampton Inn & Suites Roanoke offered us plenty of room. These rooms were large, comfortable and perfect for our family!

King Suite

4. Do you have microwave/refrigerator in rooms?

Another great perk when you choose a hotel room is the microwave/refrigerator/kitchen area. This gives you a great way to keep your drinks cold or your leftovers from dinner stored safey until you are ready for a snack after an evening swim!

Kitchen Area

5. Are you in my loyalty family?

We know that there are many great hotel chains, but there’s something about being loyal to one hotel chain that is not just smart financially but also gives you a sense of continuity when you travel regularly. We chose the Hilton family because of the quality we receive across the entire chain of hotels. Make sure you sign up for the HHonors rewards program and earn points toward a free night when you stay!

Pay less & get more, when you are or become a HHonors member and book directly at Hilton.com. Join & Book Now!

6. Is there a fee for parking?

Some hotels in larger city areas charge a fee for parking your vehicle. Always best to know this information before you show up!

7. Do you offer shuttle service?

Some hotels offer a free shuttle service to local restaurants and area attractions. But don’t assume they all work the same. If you plan to use the shuttle service, find out if you need to make reservations ahead of time? Are there scheduled hours? And of course, don’t forget that though not required, tips are always appreciated!

8. Do you have a hairdryer and iron?

I hate having to tote a hairdryer and iron in my suitcase but these are two things that I typically need on road trips. I always check to make sure these are provided in the room!

9. Do you have a fitness room?

Since I have been on my fitness journey, the first thing I check on after we check into a hotel and finish all our adventures for the day is the fitness center. I need a place to get my steps in and catch up from a day of sitting in the car or easy going tourist activities.

10. Is there a pool?

If swimming is on your family’s to-do list, then make sure you check on the pool. Is it indoors or outdoors? What are the hours and availability?

What questions do you ask before you book a hotel? I’d love to hear!

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Roanoke, Virginia Historic Star
Roanoke, Virginia Historic Star
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