10 Bags Every Traveler Needs

If you love to travel, then you know that there is just nothing quite like the adventure and excitement of getting out and going somewhere new. But most travelers will agree that the hardest part of a trip is the packing. Having the right bags can help make the packing experience easier. If you are looking for ways to streamline the packing process, you need to have the right gear in place. Here are 10 bags every traveler needs.

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10 Bags Every Traveler Needs 2

10 Bags Every Traveler Needs

Before you start thinking you need to go out and buy all new luggage, take a minute and read this post. Some of these bags are very small and really affordable. You may even have them around your house. It’s not the brand or the color that makes these bags perfect for travel, it’s what they are used for!

1. Garment Bag

A garment bag is often overlooked when people plan their luggage. We don’t go on a lot of trips where we need to pack dress clothes, but it is so important to have a garment bag on hand for those occasions when it is needed. The kids go to a conference at least once a year that requires them to carry dress clothes, so why not let them back their suit or dress in a bag with their name on it!

2. Laundry Bag

A few years ago, Natalie and I made a quick laundry tote before one of her school trips. You can use a simple plastic grocery bag, a pillowcase or even a drawstring mesh bag like these. Bonus: if you don’t need this mesh bag for a laundry bag, you can use it for sand toys and towels on your next trip to the pool or beach.

Drawstring Bags for every travel need

3. Jewelry Bag

Do you struggle with keeping earrings, necklaces or rings contained and safe when you travel? A simple bag like this is perfect for keeping all the pieces organized and separated in your cosmetic bag! If you don’t pack jewelry on your trip, you may use this bag to store extra batteries or cash down in the bottom of a sock in your suitcase.

4. Cosmetic Bag

Some people carry their entire make up collection when they travel, but I prefer to keep it simple. A small cosmetic bag for a few necessities is all I need. If this cosmetic bag is too small, then bump it up a bit and go with one that is larger and holds more things.

Bags every traveler needs

5. Toiletries Bag

With a family of 5 that goes on quite a few road trips each year, we tend to pack all our toiletries in one bag. It saves us from doubling up on the supplies like shampoo, toothpaste and soap. A hanging toiletry bag is a lifesaver because it keeps everything organized and off the hotel counter.

6.Neck/Shoulder Security Pouch

If you do a search for around the neck security pouches, you will find that these come in all different materials and styles. But the principal is the same for all of them. When you are doing alot of walking in new cities, going through airports or just traveling in unknown places, you don’t want all of your money, ID or hotel room keys in your purse or suitcase. It just makes sense to keep these important items close to your body and out of the reach of possible thieves.

Simply slip it around your neck and adjust it so the pouch falls behind your shirt so noone even knows its there.

Keep a hidden stash of money in a secure secret purse around your neck.

7.Electronics Organizer

We all travel with phones, electronic gadgets, ipads, kindles and other devices that need to be charged. Keep your cords and adapters organized in a simple electronics organizer.

8.Spare Tote Bag

Have you ever gotten to a conference or vacation destination and realized you needed to carry some ‘stuff’ around that you didn’t expect? Maybe you are picking up promotional material or some extra groceries for the hotel? A simple spare tote bag that folds up is a perfect solution to help you tote extra items that you didn’t plan on.

9.Drawstring Bags

A drawstring bag is a perfect addition to every traveler’s list. You can loop it around your wrist to collect shells at the beach or drop in a child’s dirty clothes when they need an unexpected change of clothes. You might want to carry an extra shirt with you to the amusement park or pack a snack for later. They come in different sizes and are invaluable for unplanned emergencies.

10. Collapsible Clothes Organizer

Have you ever gotten to a hotel and wanted to be a little more organized than living out of a suitcase but not quite sure you want to use the hotel dresser drawers? You can pick up a simple collapsible clothes organizer that lets you pack your clothes by outfits and then just pop it out when you get to the hotel.

collapsible garment organizer

Now that you have a great system for traveling with all your cool new bags, it’s time to plan a trip! Where will you go next?

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  1. I really like the idea of a collapsible organizer to pack outfits. I agree with Ann above, I’ve never seen this before. Great tips for how to travel in a more organized manner.

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