Friday Night Burger Night


What’s better than going out for burgers on Friday night? How about a Family Night Burger Night where you can eat gourmet burgers at home for half the price and double the memories? Here’s a family that has taken a plain old hamburger, made a few tweaks and createc something the kids will grow up […]

My First Baby Doll

my first baby doll

When I was one year old, I received a special Christmas gift from my Grandma – a Fisher Price baby doll. There’s just something special about a little girls’ first baby doll. I have no idea where I got her name, but she became Susie. I still have her stored back carefully in my hope […]

Stick Horses for Derby Day

stick horse for derby day

Since we live less than 2 hours from Churchill Downs, the Kentucky Derby is a big event in our area. Most of the Kindergarten classes in the nearby counties have an annual stick horse race. In our school, the Kindergarten Assistant teachers make stick horses out of socks for each of the students. These stick […]

Birthday Card Tradition

birthday card tradition

In 1968, My Grandpa started a tradition that has been going strong for 45 years. He decided to send his son the same birthday card that he had received four months earlier. That birthday card tradition of sending the same card back and forth has been continued and brings a smile each year!  

Favorite Christmas Gift

question present

Merry Christmas! Christmas 2012 is finally here! The kids are unwrapping packages and squealing with delight, coffee is brewing, carols are playing and families are enjoying time together. I have no plans to spend much time here blogging this morning, but I do want to take a few minutes and wish each of you a […]

Christmas Eve Traditions

christmas ornament

It’s the day before Christmas, and all through the house, every creature is stirring… Today as I was trying to decide what to post on this most exciting day, my son had a brilliant idea. Why not talk about all the great Christmas Eve traditions that are enjoyed by families all around the world!