Rock House Natural Arch: Jamestown, Kentucky


Don’t you love it when you find an unexpected treasure near where you live? This past week our family took a quick drive less than an hour from our home and discovered one of the coolest natural bridges we’ve ever seen. We’ve of course hiked to the Natural Bridge in Red River Gorge several times […]

Hiking Honeymoon Falls Trail at Pine Mountain State Park


Have you ever hiked the trails at Pine Mountain State Park in Pineville, Kentucky? This past weekend we spent several hours hiking Honeymoon Falls Trail. The waterfall is not the largest in Kentucky, but the trail has definitely become one of our new favorites. This is only one of the many trails to explore on […]

Hiking Trails in Kentucky

Hiking Trail

Do you love hiking in Kentucky? I’d love to hear your favorite trail in the Bluegrass State! I am working on a resource to help us all find great hiking trails for our coming adventures! I will have it published and ready to access as soon as I get some great trails and ideas from […]

What Will You See at Green River Lake?


Taking time to enjoy the outdoors with family doesn’t always require alot of time or planning. Recently, we were out on a local area road trip heading to do some shopping when we saw a sign for Green River Lake. Since we are always up for a new discovery, we followed the sign and went […]

How to Determine Whether or Not to Go Camping

go camping

We love to go camping as a family! I have always enjoyed the feeling of waking up early in the morning when the birds are starting to chirp and the campground is coming alive. There’s just nothing like the smell of the campfire or the laid back, relaxed feeling you get as you sit in […]

How to Create the Perfect Smore

smores perfect

Knowing how to create the perfect smore is not really rocket science; but it does take some practice. Do you burn your marshmallows till they are black and crispy? Do you prefer your marshmallows flaming when you place them on the chocolate? Are you one of those people who lay out all the graham crackers […]

4 Kentucky Waterfalls Worth Visiting


Most Kentuckians are familiar with Cumberland Falls, known as the Niagara of the South. Visiting Cumberland Falls is a good first start toward enjoying the beauty that we have within two hours of Danville. But this waterfall is just the beginning; Get out and explore these 4 hiking trails that take you past some of […]