Sewing Memory Bears

How do you share memories with a love for sewing? Today’s feature is a Mom who started making some special bears using sentimental fabric and has turned it into a way to help family and friends preserve memories. I love hearing how Moms are taking their skills and hobbies and finding ways to do something special for the people they love.

Today’s 30 Days of Hobbies is a great example of a Mom who is being creative, resourceful and using her hobby in a unique way.

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Sewing Memory Bears #30DaysofHobbies

What led you to this hobby?

I learned how to sew after my daughter was born. I wanted to make things for her dolls. Then I started making items for her and my stepson. I just started then making other things that we wanted or needed. I had people request items and I started selling to others. I had a friend whose husband was stationed in Afghanastan just after they found out they were pregnant. For her baby, I made a special bear with his clothes. Then I had others request and I started making memory bears.

sharon bear john deer

Have you turned your hobby into a business?

I have started this into a business as much as possible. I do it more for the fun of it, but I like to make money as well. I enjoy the memory bears and what they stand for. I have sold more of those than anything else I make it seems.

sharon bear in tree

What keeps you motivated with this hobby?

What they stand for. To know that I am helping someone keep a person in mind. The memory bears are typically made from loved ones clothing. So it’s a great baby shower gift, but it is also a great gift for when someone passes. To take something that belonged to them, and make into a bear, and then every time you see it, you will remember that person. It’s a way to hold onto something of that person, but it doesn’t just sit in a closet. It can be displayed.

sharon bear camo

sharon davis

About Sharon

My name is Sharon. I am a stay at home mom. I have 3 wonderful kids. We are expecting number 4 in Jan of 2014. I
started blogging when my daughter was born 5 years ago. I became a stay at home mom and wanted some outlet to talk with adults. I have loved having a blog. I love talking about things we do, products we use, and just about everything else. Connect on her blog

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  1. Angela @ The Southern Fried Bride says

    What a fantastic craft project so near and dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing this.

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