Kayelynn’s View of the KY State Fair

I must admit that I have never been to the State Fair. Actually I’ve never even been to a county fair. Now that I’ve made that confession, I will tell you that it’s on our list to do next year. This past week the Kentucky State Fair was in Louisville and one of the Hobbies on a Budget Readers went to experience the State Fair and bring back some tips for next years big event. Here is Kayelynn’s view of the KY State Fair.

Kayelynn’s View of the KY State Fair

Come prepared to be hot and Tired!
Its HUGE.. I mean larger than large!
The Kentucky State Fair gets a Thumbs up for fun and attractions!

state fair rides

The Rides

I actually thought we had covered all the rides area till we came back across another aisle of rides and I realized I had not seen any of these rides yet. It was then that I looked to my right and I saw 2 more roads full of more rides.

The Cost

Its Expensive and not for the Thrifter unless you get some kind of discount. Even then its still costly. With your paid admission you get access to most all the shows except ticketed events like the Big Saddlebred Horse show which was going on and some entertainer type shows and some music.

There are a lot of free shows, concerts and you get to view all the exhibits including the livestock which is a lot of fun.

state fair

You have options if you choose to ride the rides of the Thrillway.. You can either buy individual tickets and choose certain rides which can be between 3 – 8 tickets each or you can buy an arm band so you can have unlimited rides! There are a few rides that cost real cash so check before you stand in a long endless line then be disappointed because you don’t want to pay the money. (Like the Harness/ Bounce thing or the Inflatable Ball that you actually get in and roll across a pool of water. Much like a huge hampster wheel.)

Over all there are lots of free things to do, but you really need to spend an entire day like 8 + hours to get a lot of things in.

bumper cars

Plan ahead

Grab a schedule ahead of time so you’re not running around like crazed people trying to rush all the way across the grounds to the next show. They do have shuttles that you can take but with some mapping you can easily access all the wings if you take the time.

Food and drinks

I highly suggest packing a cooler with food. Eating inside the fair is very costly. The cheapest drink we found was $4.25 with no refills and sandwiches were at least $6.00 each.

Over all, We did have ALOT of fun and we (might) consider going again, but it will be better planned out and we will get there early. We got there at 4 pm thinking it wouldn’t be so hot but we didn’t get home till 1:30 am so that was tough!

State Fair gets a Thumbs up for fun and attractions!

Have you been to a state fair? Got any tips or advice for our trip to the next fair? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. says

    Oh..that’s one thing with the big fairs they charge you way overboard but, when you get through the entrance you can tell that its worth paying.

  2. says

    We love going to the fairs, our local one is every Labor Day weekend. We enjoy all the agriculture and the 4h shows as well as the exhibit halls. Unfortunately Hubby can’t do all the walking around, so we’ll be skipping it this year. Best ride bumper cars and the carousel :)

  3. says

    My kids always enjoy the county fair. I am not sure I have been to a state fair before! Thanks for great tips on making it a little mroe cost effective! Sounds like FUN!!!

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