Ideas to Upcycle Old Clothes

Do you have old clothes that have outlived their use? Maybe there is a way to turn them into something fresh and trendy with just a little creativity. Here are 2 ideas to upcycle old clothes and create something that you love. You might just find a way to save money while you’re becoming your own personal designer.

Ideas to Upcycle Old Clothes

DIY Ombre Shorts

Amber from Cheap is the New Classy has this idea for turning old jeans into trendy shorts.
Here recently I have been seeing these amazing ombre shorts in almost every store I walk into! Big stores such as Forever21, Hollister, Charlotte Russe, and Rue 21 carry them in many different designs, but at a price that most just can’t afford. That is why I want to show you how to make your own ombre shorts (with some distressed parts).

Read the full instructions

Frumpy to Fabulous

Frumpy to Fabulous

Frumpy to Fabulous T-Shirt

Isabella from Just Another Static Heart tells us how to take an old t-shirt and make it look fabulous.
We all have those boring, baggy, old tee-shirts we don’t really wear anymore…and we all either donate them, turn them into rags, or simply throw them away. But…why should be so ready to give up on something, just for being a little ugly? Why not turn something frump, into something fabulous!

Read the full instructions

Do you have any ideas or tips for turning something old into something amazing? I’d love to hear!

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  1. says

    What a clever idea, DYI is always the best, and cheapest way to make things new…as for me, I guess i have to step back on it, when it comes to fashion, i have to admit i’m not quite good and a trying hard person. but those ideas are very information.

  2. says

    Love the t-shirt idea! I’ve lost quite a bit of weight after my last pregnancy and have quite a few tops that I just don’t want to toss – this would be a great way to revamp them for work!

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