Summer School Fun Adventures

We didn’t do summer school in our house. But we did make sure the kids were still learning even though they were on summer break. Whether it’s visiting a museum, taking a tour, doing an experiment or reading a new book, our kids had summer school fun adventures unlike many other school kids.

Summer School Fun Adventures

Kids need down time during the summer months to learn new things. There is less structure and a looser schedule. But that doesn’t mean school is out. Instead, we celebrated summer a little differently than some families. At the Williams house, we know that hands on learning and getting out there to experience life is one of the best ways to enjoy summer break! Take a look of how we participated in our own version of Summer School 2013.

Whether we were visiting a presidential library, climbing Stone Mountain or learning how to sell things on eBay, the kids were learning something new everyday.  We visited 6 states over the summer and packed in some great memories!

Learning while we have fun in the Summer

Learning while we have fun!



Museums & Culture:

Science & Inventions:

There were more adventures, learning opportunities and experiences but at least this gave you a hint of how we spent our break from school.

I know you were busy this summer too.  What did you learn? Where did you visit, tour, climb? I’d love to hear about your summer fun experiences!

About Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams is a mom of 3 who loves to read, travel, take pictures, work in the flowers and spend time with family. When she's not blogging, she's probably out enjoying life so she'll have something fun to blog about tomorrow!


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    I loved following your summer adventures. You had so much fun, and I was definitely reminded of some of the fun adventures we have had! This summer was more laid back for us, so I lived vicariously through your blog posts!

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    Well, my summer was not nearly as entertaining as yours! ((jealous!))It looks like your kids are going to have some AWESOME memories to look back on. Not only that, but you blogged about it all – they can look back at their experiences any time they want, that’s a unique experience all in itself! Great job, mom!

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