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If you know me in real life, you know that my typical hair is always the same. If I’m out hiking or working in the yard, you’ll probably see me with a cap and when I’m cooking, I usually have my hair pulled back in a basic pony. But recently, a friend of mine sent me a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip and some bobby pins. It was time for me to try an improved look for my hair.

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

lilla rose flexi clip

The Flexi Clip is attached to the sliding pin which means you never lose the pin. You bunch up your hair and set the flexi clip on the top. Then the pin just slides under your hair and secures your hair.

flexi clip

I found that if we used a small pony tail holder in my daughter’s hair first, then the flexi clip stayed in place better. I think that’s because the medium is too large for my daughter’s hair. We will probably buy a small to hold her fine hair in place.

Different hairstyles using the Flexi Clip

Different hairstyles using the Flexi Clip

Lilla Rose Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins are a great accessory that can combine beauty and function. These are perfect for capturing the small wispy hairs or creating a new look.

bobby pins

Lilla Rose Products

Flexi Clips come in various sizes. It is very important to choose the right size for your hair texture and length. I had no idea about the sizing at first, but found this video to help decide which flexi clip is best for your hair. I chose a medium which is actually too large for my hair texture. To make it work for my hair I had to use a pony tail holder first. So to put my hair in a easy pony, I need to order a small flexi clip. You will notice that it works for my hair but you can still see the pony tail holder.

flexi clip 1

Win a FREE Flexi Clip

If you would like to win a Free Flexi (up to $16), just fill out the form below and maybe you’ll be the winner! The Free clip is up to $16 with free shipping and you must be a New Lilla Rose customer.

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