Hiking to the top of Stone Mountain

Our family loves to get out and explore new hiking trails, but normally our hikes take us through the woods and up to a waterfall or around a lake. This past weekend we tried a little bit of a different hike. We decided to head down to Georgia and experience hiking to the top of Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Georgia. The terrain is a bit different than our typical Kentucky hikes but the view is unbeatable.

Hiking to the top of Stone Mountain

Hiking to the top of Stone Mountain is not for the faint of heart. This is no easy walk in the park and definitely not stroller or wheelchair friendly. It may only be a mile to the top of Stone Mountain, but the path is steep at times and could be considered a tricky climb.

Walk to the Top of Stone Mountain

If you want a little more adventure during your visit, take the 1 mile trek to the top of the mountain.

The trail is open daily from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted. Just follow the painted yellow line and enjoy the unique scenery and spectacular views. Restrooms, a snack bar and souvenirs are located in the building on top of the mountain and are accessible during operating hours for the Summit Skyride.

While on top, 1,686 feet above sea level, enjoy amazing views of downtown Atlanta, the North Georgia mountains and the surrounding area. On a haze-free day, you can see 60 miles from the mountain.

Tips for the Walk to the Top of Stone Mountain

  • Wear shoes with good grips.While we were climbing, we saw some people with flip flops, loose sandals and a few climbers were wearing slip on shoes. I do not recommend this at all. You definitely want to have good grips on your shoes.
  • Take a bottle of water.  Even though it is just a mile to the top, you are climbing to the top of a mountain and you will get thirsty.
  • Make sure you camera is charged.  The view is amazing and you will want to capture a picture of your accomplishment!
hiking to the top of stone mountain
  • Take your time.  The walk to the top is not a race.  There are places where the hiking is easy and relaxed.  But there are other places where you are literally holding on to a rail to keep from losing your balance as you climb to the top.  Take the time to enjoy your view and make sure you are careful where you place your feet.
hiking natalie and shannon
hiking rail to the top
hiking rail 2
  • Follow the yellow path.  There is a dotted yellow path that leads you to the top.
  • Watch the weather.  The rock is extremely slippery when wet.  We made it to the bottom about 2 minutes before it opened up and poured.  You don’t want to be caught on top in a rain storm.
  • Enjoy the Rest Areas
  • Take advantage of some of the natural rest areas along the hike.

    Take advantage of some of the natural rest areas along the hike.

  • Enjoy the diversity. Stone Mountain has not always been know for embracing all cultures and races. You can read more about the History of Stone Mountain here. But it was interesting to note the diversity of people hiking to the top of Stone Mountain while we were there. We hiked to the top with people from all walks of life, all physical skill levels, every race, country and ethnicity. This was truly a multi-cultural experience.
  • Summit SkyrideYou could of course opt to ride to the top instead of walk. Get details about the Summit Skyride here.

I took way too many pictures of our hike to the top of Stone Mountain to show them all here. Feel free to click over to Google Plus and see our full hiking adventure.

Stone Mountain Park

Admission Fee: $10.00 Parking fee allows you entrance to the park, hiking trails, gift shops, and laser show event. There are additional charges if you decide to ride the Summit Skyride or do other activities.

1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Have you ever been to Stone Mountain? What is your best memory of this great park? I’d love to hear!


  1. says

    I’ve been to the Atlanta area quite a few times and have never heard of Stone Mountain before. This looks like an awesome hike, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. says

    So glad you shared Stone Mountain with your readers! It is such a beautiful and clean park, and the mountain itself is really something you have to see in person as it rises up out of the otherwise relatively flat landscape. I go several times a year to enjoy the hike, and you are right that it draws a diverse crowd! Of course, in the summer it can be spectacularly hot, but such is life in GA. Oh, and in addition to some proper shoes, you will definitely benefit from a pair of sunglasses–that glare off the rock can be blinding.

  3. says

    Definitely looks like a place we’d like to visit. Good point about shoes–we see so many people hiking in flip flops, sandals or brand new white sports shoes. Makes me wonder what they are thinking!

    • says

      I’m planning on getting hiking boots/shoes for the whole family this fall! As much as we head out to explore new trails, I want to find something better than our traditional tennis shoes.

  4. says

    That is one great achievement I bet, going up on the top of the stone mountain with the family is something i’m sure you’ll always cherish. thank you for sharing this.

  5. says

    I was camping there once and argued with the group that I was in about the things you could see there, we all ended up leaving there without seeing a thing. I brought books but nobody believed me about the hiking, did not know until later they were all miserable and hated camping and hiking. Looks beautiful, I would love to go back. You and your husband look like a great couple, do not recall seeing too many posts with him in them.

  6. says

    That looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that closer to where I live. Well within my radius 😀 Easy to take a beautiful picture there!!

  7. says

    I don’t hike anymore–used to when I had dogs. I usually do not have trouble going up–it is down where I get nervous and hold onto anything I see–strong tree branch etc!! The view looks spectacular from what I see in your pics. And no–I would not want to get stuck hiking there if it started to rain———talk slide down on my backside!!


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