Friendship Bracelets for Kids

Friendship Bracelets have been around for generations. I remember making these bracelets when I was in summer camp using the craftlace. Last week I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and picked up a pack of craftlace with the foam wheel so I could show my daughter how to make these friendship bracelets. She has big plans to make enough to share with her friends later on this summer.

Friendship Bracelets for Kids

I decided to buy the Safari Pink Collection Value Pack at Hobby Lobby so my daughter could easily make friendship bracelets. I wanted the foam craft wheel to make it simple for her.

Tip: If you shop at Hobby Lobby, make sure you use your 40% off coupon! You can print it out each week or just show the coupon from your phone.

friendship bracelets

Pick your colors


Mark arrows on your craft wheel. This helps you remember which direction you will turn the wheel.

Friendship Bracelets

Tie a knot in the center.

Friendship Bracelets

Push the hook through the middle of the wheel.

Friendship Bracelets

Thread the lace on either side of each of the dots.

Friendship Bracelets

Start moving the laces from top top bottom.

You start on the bottom left and move it up to the top left. Then you take the top right and bring it down to the bottom right. This means you will constantly be moving the laces around the wheel.

Each time you move the lace from top to bottom, you end up with 2 strands on each side. Then you turn the wheel one turn counterclockwise. The arrows help you remember which direction you need to turn.

Friendship Bracelets
When you are ready to take a break, just slide a paper clip on the top. This will keep you from forgetting where you need to start next.

Friendship Bracelet Variations

There are many ways to make these fun bracelets. Here are a few tutorials.

Bracelets with Embroidery Floss
Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Have you ever made these friendship bracelets? Do you use a craft wheel or just a safety pin on a pillow? Got any fun tips or stories about these bracelets? I’d love to hear!

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  1. says

    I love making these kinds of crafts. My son and I spent a summer a couple of years ago making these types of bracelets and bookmarks. It was fun and we gave them as gifts for Christmas.

  2. patricia says

    What a nifty tool you have for making them. I can remember as a child I would make them for my friends all the time.

  3. says

    My son made his friendship bracelets free hand- with guy colors of course. What you found is a great tool. I now want to try, since we’ve got all kinds of threads left over from his friendship bracelet making days. Thanks for the tutorial.

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