Horse Hair Jewelry

How do you show off your love for horses? Do you have horseshoes hanging on the wall in your garage, a license plate with a horse face, or maybe you wear cowboy boots? I have some horse-loving friends who have found a way to celebrate their love for horses by ceating unique pieces of horse hair jewelry. Lil Wranglers Rescue knows that people who love their horses are often looking for ways to share their love for their favorite animal with others.

Horse Hair Jewelry

There are many people who have a special horse that they want to remember. By clipping a lock of the horse’s tail, you open up many options for one-of-a-kind memories. There are many people that have special horses that they ride on a regular basis. Taking a few locks of hair from that horse can be a great way to enjoy your horse on a daily basis – even when you are not riding.

Horse hair can be turned into bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, key-chains, earrings or bookmarks. Lil Wranglers Rescue is a local group of ladies who are dedicated to helping horses find their forever home.

Horse Hair Bracelets

If you have a horse that is getting old and you know that you don’t have long with that animal, consider cutting a lock of the tail. You can contact Lil Wranglers, send them the lock of hair and have them create a piece of memorabilia. Prices start at $25. You can contact Lil Wranglers on Facebook – or through email.

horesehair keychain

What would you make with horse hair? Do you have a friend or family member who would love to show off their horse obsession with horse hair jewelry? What’s your favorite piece?

horsehair jewelry

I am not associated with Lil Wranglers Rescue and receive no compensation if you order a piece of horse hair jewelry from these ladies. I just love promoting great ideas and hard work.

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  1. Skye Simmons says

    What a great idea, you can keep your horse with you long after it rides off into the sunset! I love it! Living in the city, we can’t have horses but I do like some of the horsehair jewelry I’ve seen online. This site has some beautiful items but I don’t think they do anything as cool as making keepsakes from someones own horsehair. I had a shetland pony when I was little and I’d give anything to have a bracelet or something made from his hair. I’m definitely giving lil wranglers a fb like!

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