Old Backyard into a Beautiful Garden

We’re getting our house ready to sell which means we are looking at everything very closely. Now that spring is here, it’s time to turn our backyard into a beautiful garden. Fortunately, we already have a great start since I have been working in my flower gardens for 7 years. But here are some tips that think just a little bit further outside the traditional choices.

Old Backyard into a Beautiful Garden

Don’t we all have problems of old dead grass everywhere in the backyard and the desire to transform that boring landscape into a spruced up garden? It doesn’t take billions of dollars or a landscaper to spruce up your yard. You will just have to dedicate some time and effort – and cleaning up your backyard isn’t actual rocket science.

Many creative elements can be added to convert your ‘outdoor space’ into something awesome. Here are a few ideas to breathe new life to your ignored and neglected backyard. AND trust me, you will have to think out of the box, in order to accomplish this much needed transformation.

Pagoda Trees

Try to find a tree in your backyard with a bunch of low hanging branches! – Found one? – Perfect, so the next step does sound a bit crazy, but why don’t you use your creativity to experiment with that tree? Create a canopy by hanging nice paper lanterns from the branches and go set up a cosy little picnic table right under it. With a few strands of bright party lights, you’ll have your very own entertainment space for the summer. Easy!


It is not the most amazing job ever, but it has to be done. Getting rid of the weeds will make your garden look cared for once again. Hence, a little weeding will have to go down on the agenda towards the ultimate goal of sprucing up your backyard.

Repaint Furniture

If you have any furniture, such as a table or a bench, which look quite dingy after sitting out in the cold all year long, a fresh coat of paint will definitely make your garden more inviting. You could even use vibrant hues to add color before all the buds are in full bloom.

Sod Furniture – Maybe?

What is sod furniture?  It  is created by contouring the ground so that it turns into a comfortable sod sofa for example. Hence, if you have a hill in your backyard, then this idea might be worth to pursuit, as it will make your backyard more lively. However, you will have to take help from a landscaper to proceed with this project.
backyard into a beautiful garden

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

The best way to get a lively and prosperous container garden in your backyard is the usage of different kinds of plants to add texture and color. First rule is to position plants that grow upward beneath ones that grow downwards. Or maybe you can find a pond pump for sale, which you can use to create a Flower Waterfall.

Set Up Stepping Stones

Having a pathway with big round stepping stones will draw everyone’s attention. It’s can be a functional way of drawing your visitors eyes away from the unsightly parts of your yard, on the other hand laying them down strategically will add an element of style to spots that needed a quick fix.

Uneven Lawns

Edging the uneven lawns is one of those underestimated jobs on the agenda these days. Edging provides a way to cut out slightly imperfect patches in your lawn and it’s easy to do it yourself. If you want to go for perfection, picking up some edging stones or bricks will give your garden a manicured look.


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    I grew up on an acre, and we had so many weeds. One of our chores during the summer was to pull 100 weeds. It didn’t take that long, but it wasn’t very nice on the back!

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