Knitting with Oversize Needles

I love exploring new crafts and hobbies. I have been trying to teach myself to knit. I have had limited success in actually creating anything amazing with knitting needles. But last week, my aunt sent me a new set of knitting needles. At first, I really thought these needles were a toy. Look at the size of these needles. I was really surprised to find that knitting with oversize needles was really quite rewarding.


Knitting with Oversize Needles


knitting with oversize needles

These knitting needles are US 50 size 25 mm. I originally thought they would be really hard to work with. What I found instead, was that for this non-knitter, it helped me make sense of how to make the basic knit stitch. When you knit this kind of afghan, you use multiple skeins of yarn. My aunt already had the 4 skeins in a plastic bag with the strands already pulled out. I simply pulled the 4 strands together and used them as one.

Knitting with Oversize Needles

Tips to Knitting with Oversize Needles

I did have problems at first knitting like this. I actually had the entire project fall off my needles 4 times. I ‘quit’ several times before I figured out an easy fix for me. I grabbed 2 scrunchies from my daughter’s hair drawer and wrapped them around the ends. That gave me a backstop that helped secure the ends and kept my work from sliding off. I also learned that you can’t just toss them in a bag and expect them to stay on the needles. I soon learned how to slide them in the bag carefully so I didn’t lose my work.

You can order these oversize knitting needles from Amazon in several different colors for less than $10! Susan Bates Luxite Single Point Knitting Needles 14″-Size 50 Lime w/Blue

Perfect size for kids?

My 8 year old daughter has not really been able to stick with a crochet or knitting project yet. It’s just a little too complicated and intricate for her. However, she has been really watching me knit with these needles. I’m guessing this will be the perfect way to teach her to knit soon.

An Afghan for Fluffy

An Afghan for Fluffy

I did miss a few strands on a few of my stitches. So this afghan is not good enough quality to gift to a new baby; but it is perfect for my daughter’s stuffed animals and dolls. I think my daughter’s animals and dolls may be the luckiest toys in the world. They have had handmade scarves, hats, quilts and now an afghan created just for them!

The finished practice afghan.

The finished practice afghan.

I am really thrilled with how it turned out. I plan to try this same idea with some different colored yarn. It might really be pretty with some bright colors. I’ll keep you posted as to my next project.

Have you ever knitted with oversize needles? I’d love to hear your tips and experience!


  1. bonnie holt says

    That looks good. I would love to learn how to knit.I dont know if i would be able to use those giant needles lol.

  2. says

    Om all my years I have never learned how to really knot–My Mom tried to teach me but I was and am still all thumbs. Congrats on learning how–it is not an easy task–and soon you will be knitting for gifts!

  3. says

    That’s really cute. My daughter got a knitting circle device (not sure what it is called) at her birthday party and it was something that was easy enough for a kid to use and fun enough that I had to borrow it from her. 😉


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