BISSELL CleanView Vacuum Review

I have three kids and most of our house is carpeted. That means that I usually need to run the vacuum every day. I have been using a vacuum with the bags for the past few years and it’s hard to tell when the bags are full. Sometimes I just really don’t feel like I get the best cleaning experience with my current machine. But earlier this week I was given the opportunity to try out the brand new BISSELL CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology.

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum

When I vacuum, I want to be able to see instant results so I can move on to something much more enjoyable. I would much rather use an extra 10 minutes in my morning working on my latest craft or creation instead of just running the vacuum over the very same area. This BISSELL CleanView Vacuum gave me that extra 10 minutes.

Bissell CleanView Vacuum

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum

It is lightweight with a cord that is long enough to reach from my living room down the hall to the boys room.

Noise level:  This vacuum cleaner is not nearly as loud as my traditional one with the bag.

My only complaint with this vacuum so far is that the extension tube that fits on the hose and the plastic fitting that lets your wrap the cord keep falling off the back of the machine. I will probably just store the plastic extension in the closet until I need it.

The results of the first vacuum

I think we’re pretty clean people. But we do have a dog and kids. With just one pass over the living room, I wanted to see what the filter looked like. The filter is removable so you can easily clean it off after it has started to get clogged. The dust and debris that I vacuumed after just one sweep over the living room floor was pretty educational.

filter and dust


Emptying the Canister

Once you have finished vacuuming your room, you might be shocked as I was to see how much dust and debris was accumulated. I know you can probably just leave it in the canister for a while until it fills up; but I am one of those people who like to see visible results. My kids and I were amazed at how much dust and ‘stuff’ was picked up after just one run over the living room.

You simply pop out the canister, hold it over a trash can and push the little button to release the bottom. No mess.My sons were thrilled with this feature. Now when I accidentally vacuum up a Lego, it won’t be lost forever. We can just open the canister and rescue the Lego piece before disposing of the rest.

Emptying the canister

Emptying the canister

I love the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum. I don’t even mind running the vacuum over the floor tomorrow – especially since it won’t take more than about 10 minutes!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for BISSELL. I received a product sample to help facilitate my review.”

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