Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Last weekend we took the kids to the Cincinnati Museum Center. Whether you are interested in climbing in the woods, playing on a farm, discovering what happens when you put balls in machines and turn the cranks, becoming the engineer on the waterways or experiencing life in a city just your size, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum can give you that opportunity. The Duke Energy Children’s Museum was a hit and is worth every minute we spent and more!

duke energy

Duke Energy Children’s Musuem

Explore the Woods

The Woods is an adventure tree house. There are slides, ladders, steps to climb, tunnels to explore. There are places that are large enough and accessible for adults; but there are many other places that are just the right size for the kids. This is the kind of place you just want to play in your own imagination world. It’s a grand adventure.

Exploring the Woods

Exploring the Woods

Personal opinion: This kind of place makes me very nervous as a mom. With three children, it’s impossible to keep an eye on all three all the time. I really wish they would make it where there was a main entrance into this Woods play area. That way the parent could sit at the entrance and know that the kids would not be able to get out.

The Water Area

The water area is always one of my kids favorite places to spend time. The opportunity to become the engineer, build dams, direct the hoses and create waterways is something my kids love. Each child is given a rain vest to help protect their clothes from the water.

Duke Energy Children's Museum

Designing the water ways at the Musuem

Kids Town

Kids Town is a fun place for kids to play in their own world. Everything is sized just for them. They can shop at Krogers, become a veterinarian, play African drums, or redecorate their own house.

Kids Town

Kids Town

Things to Know

  • There are 3 permanent museums at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  We tried to do them all in 1 day but there is so much to see and experience that you can’t really do them justice in just one day.  So be prepared to stop and get a bite to eat in the rotunda at one of the snack shops and let your kids rest.  Otherwise, they’ll tire out and not be able to enjoy them all.
  • The Children’s Museum offers lots of places for parents to sit and watch the kids.  But the other 2 museums have a lot of extended walking.  If you have a hard time walking for an extended time,  allow extra time so you can rest.
  • There are restrooms available beside the Energy Zone inside the Children’s Museum.  This makes it very convenient for kids.
  • Snacks are not allowed in the Children’s Museum.
Duke Energy Children's Museum

The kids were tired – but they had a blast!

We also had a great time touring the Cincinnati History Museum. Have you been to the Cincinnati Museum Center? I’d love to hear your favorite part!

My family received complimentary admission for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review.

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    Wow, it has been like 12 years since I have been to the Cincinnati Museum. I remember going with my nieces and nephews, and we had a ball. It looks like with all the fun exhibits the kids where tired out. It’s a great picture of you guys! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  2. says

    I think it’s great they make it accessible in places to adults, but some spaces are perfect for kids. I think it gives them a sense of thrill to be able to go where there parents can’t or won’t :)

  3. says

    I love museums that are fun and educational. Looks like you had a great time with your family, they do look tuckered out though! I am getting ready to schedule our vacation for next year so thanks for sharing maybe I can add this to the list.

  4. says

    Looks like your kids had so much fun! I just recently went to the discovery Museum in Phoenix with my son Mike’s Pr-school class and it was so much fun! Great pictures, and thank you for sharing with us 😀


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