How to make an Angry Birds Valentine Box

Valentine’s Day is next week. That means that kids and parents all across the world are making Valentines Boxes to take to school for their parties. My daughter pointed out that some of her friends just brought a metal store bought mailbox that their parents bought from the local stores. Now these are nice, but not near as much fun to make. Last night, my son was thrilled to see his Angry Birds Valentine Box take shape!

How to make an Angry Birds Valentine Box

We needed a place to start. A boy who is fixing to turn 6 definitely didn’t want a sparkly, red or pink Valentines Box. We started looking at the characters he likes and decided that Angry Birds would be perfect. My son found a small square Angry Bird toy to inspire us. Then it was time to raid the recycle box and find the perfect cube for our creation. We found the paper in the craft/scrapbook box.

Gather Supplies and start taping the box

Using the Angry Bird toy as our guide, we cut out the feathers, eyebrows, white circles for eyes and a yellow beak.

Eyebrows & Feathers

Face Close up and Feathers

Face Close up and Feathers

We wanted the eyes to stick out a little. So we cut a small slit and made the circles almost like a cone shape.

Here’s our finished product. What do you think?

Valentine Box Finished Product

Valentine Box Finished Product

If you’re looking for a Valentine craft, that looks a bit more sweet – check this out! My friend Jen who writes at has a great tutorial showing how to make these stuffed, laced hearts – and there’s no glue required! I love them!

stuffed heart

Tomorrow, we get to finish up my daughter’s Valentine Box. Some of you are really going to love it! I’ll give you a hint. I looked all over Google and pinterest and only found 1 Valentine box even close to what she had in mind. We are so excited with how it is looking!

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  1. Ritchie says

    Great fun!!!! I’m lovin’ your posts, and the pictures! Also enjoyed fun in a box post! Keep ’em comin’ kiddo! They’re great!

  2. says

    Very cute, I didn’t think they even did Valentine Boxes in school any more…sad but maybe that’s why you only found one in your search :/ My granddaughter’s class the last few years did bags, I guess that works too.

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