How to make a Grand Piano Valentines Box

My daughter wanted a Grand Piano Valentines Box!  I knew we could definitely do it, but I was completely stumped on where to start. I searched the internet and pinterest and only found one piano even close to what we were looking for. I knew we were going to have to figure out how to make a grand piano valentine box and we were going to need some ideas.

Grand Piano Valentine Box

How to make a Grand Piano out of Cardboard

My friend Alyssa from Giveaway Overload is quite the creative, crafty momma who knows how to use the supplies she has on hand and turn out something amazing. She suggested I find a cereal box and some toilet paper tubes. Then all I’d have to do is cut the shape and add a top out of extra cardboard.  Here’s how we did it!

piano valentine box

Cereal Box and Toilet Paper Tubes


Materials Needed

Empty Cereal Box
3 Toilet Paper tubes
Extra piece of cardboard
Black spray paint
White paper to use for keyboard
Scotch Tape


I cut the cereal box end to have the curved shape of a grand piano. Then used the excess cardboard to tape up the hole we had created.

To make the keyboard, I cut and folded it down so it would have a ledge where I could put the keys later. I then taped 2 side panels to each edge to give it the look I wanted. Make sure you check which way you have the piano when you are making your keyboard. I goofed the first time and had the keyboard with the piano shape pointing the wrong direction.

piano valentine box

Making the Keyboard

I cut 4 slits in the bottom of each of the toilet paper tubes. Then folded them up and taped them to the underside of the piano.

piano valentine box

Attaching the piano legs

To make the lid, I traced the shape of the lid onto a 2nd piece of cardboard. I used tape to attach it to the piano.

For the stick brace to hold up the lid, I cut a small piece of cardboard about 1″ by 5″. I folded each end so I would have something to tape it to both the piano and the lid.

We took it outside to give it several coats of black spray paint and now my daughter is super excited about her Valentine Party next week!

piano valentine box

Here’s our finished product! What do you think?

piano finished product

Grand piano not your thing? How about an Angry Birds Valentine Box? What’s your plans for Valentines Boxes? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Karen Sizemore says

    Natalie, I’ve made “notes” of your piano valentine’s box. How delightful. Love the pictures as you made each part, then to see the finished product is totally “GRAND!” You GO Girl! ☺


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