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I found this beautiful recipe/picture on pinterest. It only uses 2 ingredients to make Oreo Bark! I love white chocolate and I love oreos. I was excited to try it myself! What I discovered instead of beautiful black and white Oreo Bark is what my kids now affectionately refer to as Mama’s Oreo Concrete!

How to Make Mama’s Oreo Concrete

Sometimes a pinterest fail can become a new family favorite. That’s what happened with my oreo bark! I’m thinking Mama’s Oreo Concrete will be perfect as the road on my son’s birthday cake next month!

Here’s my original inspiration for Oreo Bark. I obviously did something very majorly wrong, because mine didn’t turn out like this at all! But at least it still tasted great!

  • I melted the white chocolate chips on the stove.
  • Crushed the Oreo cookies in my blender (my food chopper wasn’t available so the blender worked in a pinch).
  • Combined the cookies crumbs and chocolate.
  • Got a perfectly yucky gray mixture!
  • I poured out the mixture in a pan lined with wax paper.
  • Chilled for a few minutes till the chocolate rehardened.
  • Broke into pieces and discovered that we had made the ugliest oreo bark in the world…. but it sure tasted good!

Maybe next time I should layer the chocolate and sprinkle the oreos on top. We’ll see….

Ever made Oreo Bark (or Oreo concrete)? I’d love to hear your tips!

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